Moto People: Wrist Brace Guy 4

Jeff Brewer is the man behind Allsports Dynamics, and their line of off-the-shelf and custom wrist braces that have been helping keep riders on the track for years.

Moto People: Wrist Brace Guy

Jeff Brewer (also know as @wristbraceguy on social media) is often one of the first people to get a call after a rider suffers a wrist injury...or at least after they're ready to return from a tweaked wrist and need some support. But he's also been touting his Allsports Dynamics braces as a way to prevent wrist injuries.

Click the start button on the audio player below, and listen in as we chat about the product, how it works, how to get them prescribed, and more. This was captured before the start of the season at Anaheim, where he was visiting to get some of his riders dialed in.

Adam Cianciarulo runs braces on both wrist.

Custom paint is the norm for custom braces. You can see the rubber bumper that softens the hit when these reach the stop. Also, there's the plate that fits into the pocket sewn onto the back of the hand on each glove.

Joey Savatgy is another rider who has been using braces on each wrist.

Here's a pair of braces that Jeff brought out for Joey that doesn't have the additional hinge in the middle of the body.

Justin Bogle has his pair.

Shane McElrath runs one on the throttle side, due to an old injury.

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