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Yeah, we know the writer’s strike is over in Hollywood, but it seemed like portions of the same script were used multiple times on Saturday night in Atlanta.

The top rider in each class was a first-time winner in each class. They were both aboard Hondas, and both were wearing No Fear gear. But that’s where the similarities end for Trey Canard (winner of the Lite class) and Davi Millsaps (who topped the Supercross class). Trey lead his main event wire-to-wire for the win, while Davi took kept the pressure on Chad Reed, who lead four laps before exiting over the bars and handing the lead (and win) to Millsaps. Chad had trouble restarting, and dropped to 11th before rejoining the race. He eventually finished sixth.

Chad now leads the Supercross standings by 25 points over Kevin Windham.

Atlanta was also the other A1, since it’s the first round of the Supercross Lites Regional Series. Besides Canard on the podium, there were a pair of KTM-mounted riders, with Martin Davalos (MDK KTM Factory) and Ryan Sipes (MDK KTM Lites) scoring second and third, respectively. Sipes had been in second spot for most of the main event, and a late-race bobble readjusted the final results.

Maybe one of the most interesting things on the night was that last year’s Lites West champ, Ryan Villopoto (Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki) got skunked, finishing 22nd in the main event after a crash. Ryan was just coming off a wrist injury and an additional surgery, so here’s hoping that he’s okay and will be able to in action next weekend in Indy.

Check out the photo gallery (see the link above) for a blow-by-blow account of the night’s action.

Supercross Lites Heat 1

  1. Trey Canard
  2. Ryan Sipes
  3. Martin Davalos
  4. Phil Nicoletti
  5. Ryan Morais
  6. Tyler Bowers
  7. Ryan Villopoto
  8. Kyle Partridge
  9. Nathan Skaggs

Supercross Lites Heat 2

  1. Nico Izzi
  2. Josh Grant
  3. Branden Jesseman
  4. Jake Moss
  5. Kyle Chisholm
  6. Chad Ward
  7. Matt Boni
  8. Billy Payne
  9. Levi Kilbarger

Supercross Heat 1

  1. Kevin Windham
  2. Andrew Short
  3. Josh Hill
  4. Troy Adams
  5. Bryan Johnson
  6. Charles Summey
  7. Paul Carpenter
  8. Nick Wey
  9. Ryan Clark

Supercross Heat 2

  1. Chad Reed
  2. Davi Millsaps
  3. Timmy Ferry
  4. Jason Thomas
  5. David Vuillemin
  6. Jeff Gibson
  7. Josh Hansen
  8. Cole Siebler
  9. Jake Marsack

Supercross Lites LCQ

  1. Benjamin Coisy
  2. Ricky Renner
  3. Ryan Mills
  4. Jimmy Albertson

Supercross LCQ

  1. Heath Voss
  2. Nate Ramsey

Supercross Lites Main Event

  1. Trey Canard (Honda)
  2. Martin Davalos (KTM)
  3. Ryan Sipes (KTM)
  4. Jake Moss (Yamaha)
  5. Tyler Bowers (Yamaha)
  6. Branden Jesseman (Kawasaki)
  7. Josh Grant (Honda)
  8. Nico Izzi (Suzuki)
  9. Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)
  10. Benjamin Coisy (Honda)
  11. Ryan Morais (Yamaha)
  12. Kyle Partridge (Honda)
  13. Ryan Mills (Honda)
  14. Billy Payne (Honda)
  15. Jimmy Albertson (Suzuki)
  16. Phil Nicoletti (Kawasaki)
  17. Ricky Renner (Kawasaki)
  18. Matt Boni (Honda)
  19. Nathan Skaggs (Honda)
  20. Levi Kilbarger (Honda)
  21. Chad Ward (Kawasaki)
  22. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)

Supercross Main Event

  1. Davi Millsaps (Honda)
  2. Kevin Windham (Honda)
  3. Andrew Short (Honda)
  4. Timmy Ferry (Kawasaki)
  5. Nate Ramsey (Yamaha)
  6. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
  7. Charles Summey (Yamaha)
  8. Paul Carpenter (Honda)
  9. David Vuillemin (Suzuki)
  10. Jason Thomas (Honda)
  11. Ryan Clark (Honda)
  12. Heath Voss (Honda)
  13. Bryan Johnson (Honda)
  14. Nick Wey (KTM)
  15. Jake Marsack (Honda)
  16. Cole Siebler (Honda)
  17. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)
  18. Josh Hansen (Yamaha)
  19. Josh Hill (Yamaha)
  20. Troy Adams (Honda)
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