MX After-Party: Loretta Lynn's National 2 1

Mud fight! Get set for a big batch of quotes, and a bunch of really dirty pictures.

450 Class

Zach Osborne - 1st

"It was a lot of turmoil to start off the day, but we turned it around with a 5-1 and kept the red plate, which is really a testament to what we have as a group," Osborne said. "Overall, it was a great salvage and a great day for myself and my team."

Zach Osborne (center), with Marvin Musquin, and Adam Cianciarulo.

Adam Cianciarulo - 2nd

"I'm pretty stoked with how today went. I was able to put together a couple of solid motos in absolutely brutal conditions, but I was so motivated after crashing and losing my lead last weekend. I would say all the work over the week, and that motivation paid off after grabbing my first 450 class podium in Pro Motocross with second overall on the day. I can't thank the entire Monster Energy Kawasaki team enough for all their hard work today."

Adam Cianciarulo.

Marvin Musquin - 3rd

"I'm pumped to be back on the podium for the second race. It's been a while. The conditions were tough, so it was my goal to be up front battling, and I was able to do that in the second moto. I would have liked to be more consistent in both motos, but that's racing, everybody was having issues and crashing. Also, you have to save the bike, and my bike was running well today, I had no issues."

Marvin Musquin.

Broc Tickle - 4th

"Loretta Lynn's II was a huge step in the right direction for myself. The track conditions were really, really gnarly. The conditions in the second moto got a little better, but it was tough out there in both motos. I'm stoked with the progress we made throughout the day and during the week with the team. I'm getting more comfortable on the bike and learning what I like about it and what I need to do to make it more comfortable for myself. I trust everybody that I'm working with on the team. I think that's awesome to have the same goals and the same desire to keep pushing forward. I'm looking forward to Ironman as well. I've had decent results there in the past. 

"This weekend was awesome. It's going to be good to build off of it. I'm hoping for dry conditions, but if not we'll make the best out of the wet conditions. The goal from here on out is to show up and be the best we can each time we hit the track.

Broc Tickle.

Max Anstie - 5th

"Really happy to get 3rd in moto #2 after leading most of the way", said Max Anstie. "5th place overall in our 2nd race of the series. My team has done a great job of dealing with the tough conditions and with my bike set up. I'm looking forward to a new track next week and to keep building from here."

Max Anstie (103).

Christian Craig - 6th

"My day started off really good. I was able to qualify ninth, which was better than last week. I felt good on the bike, and we made some improvements during the week, so I was pretty happy going into the first moto. It rained before that and was pretty sloppy, but I had a decent start. I was fifth or sixth and then passed up to third and was pretty much riding on my own around there for a while. I ended up tipping over, got stuck there for a bit, and that was kind of the end of that. I fell three more times, just little tip-overs that took a lot out of me. Somehow, I still got 10th with four falls. In the second moto, I still got a pretty decent start and made some quick passes. I got up to sixth, battled with a couple of good guys, and ended up sixth overall, which was pretty good. It was one of my best results on the 450 overall, so I can't complain even with how muddy it was. I was happy with my riding in the second moto. It's good to get a decent result and have something to build on for next week."

Christian Craig.

Justin Barcia - 7th

"We had a great day going. I got the holeshot in the first moto and checked out to over a minute lead at one point. I won the race by a lot. It was a really good race. I felt awesome, and everything was working well. The track conditions were brutal. It was super difficult. In the second moto, I had a little crash, so I had to pull in and get some fresh goggles. I was putting on a good charge until we had an issue with the bike, which was definitely a bummer. We won and then had a DNF. We need to work on that to give ourselves a better opportunity for the championship fight. I'm definitely looking forward to next week in Indiana."

Justin Barcia.

Blake Baggett - 8th

"The track was tough today. It was some of the worst track conditions we have had in a long time and had issues in both motos. I didn't let the track beat me and battled to a top ten at the end of the day. The main thing is we leave healthy and ready to battle for a top-five at Ironman next week."

Blake Baggett.

Jason Anderson - 9th

"The weekend was kind of rough, but the second moto went much better, and I was able to work my way up to fourth," Anderson said. "I'm ready to move on to the next round and keep pushing."

Freddie Noren - 11th

"I'm pumped with my first moto. I got a great start and had my career-best moto, so that felt really great." Noren commented. "In the second moto, I had a crash at the start, but I got going good after that and made a lot of passes quickly. Unfortunately, I had some issues due to the track conditions, but I felt like we went in a good direction this weekend and have something to build off for sure, so I'm happy about that. I want to give a massive thank you to everyone on the team!"

Fredrik Noren (31).

Chase Sexton - 13th

"Today was an up-and-down day. It was pretty muddy from the rain the days before. In the only practice we got, I qualified sixth. I had a little bit of a get-off, but we were all good. In the first moto, I got a great start and was running second. I went down a couple of times, putting me back to 11th, and then I made my way back up to sixth at the end--overall, not too bad of a first moto. Going into the second moto, I picked a gate that I thought was good, but I couldn't see the bottom of it--the gate was full of water. It ended up being a big hole, and I sunk, so I didn't get that great of a start. I made my way up but ended up getting stuck for a lap. After that, I was just trying to get back up as many positions as I could and got all the way back up to 13th. On the last lap, my bike malfunctioned, though, so it was a little bit of a rough day for me. I obviously wanted more, but we're just trying to learn this year. Going to Indiana, one of my favorite tracks, I'll try to get on the podium; I look forward to getting back to work this week and coming back swinging in Crawfordsville."

Chase Sexton.

Joey Savatgy - 14th

"It was a tough weekend for me", Savatgy said regarding his results not reflecting his speed. "My riding in timed practice was a step in the right direction speed-wise, but overall I'm still far from where I'd like to be."

Joey Savatgy.

Eli Tomac - 16th

That track really threw a lot at us today. It took everything I had just to keep it on two wheels and charge forward. I had decent starts in both motos. A lot can happen in a mud race, so I knew I just needed to keep charging and make up positions. Obviously, I'm really bummed with the way it ended, but we'll move on to Ironman and get back to where we belong on the podium."

Eli Tomac.

Justin Bogle - 17th

"I'm excited about my second moto ride. It's been a long road back, and having a second moto like that feels like we are headed in the right direction. I want to thank the team for their support, and I'm ready to fight for a top ten overall next weekend at Ironman."

Justin Bogle.

Dean Wilson - 18th

"It was a very tough weekend with the muddy conditions and really hard on the bikes, so I tried to slow the pace down in Moto 2 and save the bike as much as I could," Wilson said. "I'm looking forward to some dry conditions where I can actually show what I can do. It's been tough, but we'll keep plugging away."

Dean Wilson.

Adam Enticknap - 24th

"Everything improved this weekend," said Adam Enticknap. "I had a tough time in qualifying missing 8 minutes of the only practice we had. The first moto was gruesome for me, and I ended up getting 24th. In the 2nd moto, I felt ready and eager. I got a good jump, but I fell twice during the moto. Overall the day was an improvement, but I want a lot more! Looking forward to the next round!"

250 Class

Jeremy Martin - 1st

"I was like, oh, boy. This is going to be gnarly," said Martin of the heavy rain that hammered the track about 30 minutes before the first moto. "I got halfway down the start straight, and I couldn't see nothing going into the first turn. I'm like, where do I turn? I just had so much water in my goggles and stuff. I went down twice in the first moto. I had one glove off, one glove on, no goggles, and I managed a third somehow. I was pretty blown away. So going into moto two, I just conserved the bike as best as I could. I was like, I hope to God I can make this. Sure enough, I did, and I was able to get the overall. Not a win today, as far as a moto win, but got the overall, and that was a big deal. It's been a long road to get back to the top step of the podium."

Jeremy Martin.

Alex Martin - 3rd

"To be honest, I was just kinda' in my own little world out there," Martin said to the TV cameras fresh off his race win. "It seems like every moto at Loretta's so far, these last two weekends, I've crashed every moto. Like last weekend, twice in the first moto, once in the second moto. And then that first moto [today] I crashed; I had the holeshot, and then I crashed like three times, still finished seventh. I've been feeling really good coming in, and the JGR Yoshimura bike has been on point, it's just up to me to keep it on two wheels." 

"We did some testing this week up in Charlotte with the team," A-Mart added after the race day had wrapped up, "and I feel the results reflect the changes made. I'm very excited to grab a moto win and come away with a third overall on the day. We're looking forward to keeping the momentum going heading into Indiana."

Alex Martin.

Cameron Mcadoo - 4th

"Those races are pretty intense because there are a lot of factors you have to think about," said McAdoo. "Not wanting to go down because getting back up is so much harder than normal, and picking good lines when you're getting roosted are just a few things we think about. I was fortunate enough to get good starts, which made a world of difference today."

Cameron McAdoo.

Dylan Ferrandis - 2nd

"It was a difficult day in the mud, but I was still able to save some important points. The track was really difficult. I was hoping for another win, but I managed to keep the red plate, so I'm really happy about that. On to next one!"

Dylan Ferrandis.

Shane McElrath - 5th

"It was a difficult day just to get around the track. We had a few crashes in the motos and had to come in for some goggles changes, but I came away with both holeshots and a moto podium. We will keep working and keep moving forward."

Shane McElrath.

RJ Hampshire - 6th

"It was a brutal track today, but I was pumped to hold on in Moto 1 to get my first moto-win with the team," Hampshire said. "After going down in the first turn, I put on a charge and climbed as much as I could, but the bike ended up letting go with a lap and a half to go. It's not the final result we wanted, but I'm looking forward to battling up front some more this season."

RJ Hampshire.

Mitchell Harrison - 7th

"The first moto was not bad, thanks to a good start," said Harrison. "I was able to keep it on two wheels and bring it home in sixth. I really wanted to back up that finish in the second moto but found a sinkhole on the first lap. I can't believe I was able to get out, but had a lot of ground to make up. So 10th in that moto wasn't terrible, all things considered. Ironman (the next round) has been known to be muddy in the past, but hopefully, we can get in a dry race next weekend."

Mitchell Harrison.

Stilez Robertson - 8th

"Overall, it was a pretty good day, but it was brutal out there, probably the muddiest track I've ever ridden," Robertson said. "The first moto I made too many mistakes and had too many little tip-overs. The second moto, I rode pretty good – I didn't make that many mistakes, stayed on two wheels and kept my bike running." 

Stilez Robertson.

Carson Mumford - 10th•

"All I did was send it and hope for the best," said Mumford. "The track was so muddy I couldn't pick a line. I just held it wide open all day!"

Carson Mumford.

Justin Cooper - 11th

"It was very difficult conditions, with the track and the vision. There were a lot of pit stops for goggles today. It was a pretty disappointing day, but we will keep staying positive, brush this one off, and focus on next weekend to be where we belong."

Justin Cooper.

Jo Shimoda - 25th

"Timed qualifying went better than usual, but I just didn't find a good line to keep momentum," said Shimoda. "Moto one I was riding good until I crashed after a single, and that broke my front brake. I crashed two more times because of that, and really, I was just trying not to get stuck in the mud. Moto two I had a really good start; I was in fourth until the third corner. I actually endoed coming into that corner. I couldn't get my bike out of the mud for two laps. It was a bad raced and turned into a DNF."

Jett Lawrence - 34th

"Most people see I am a pretty fun, easy-going person, but honestly, these walks from the track after slugging your guts out through the week and race day takes everything in you to not smash your helmet on the ground or scream in frustration!" said Jett Lawrence. "My mistake was one tip over in each moto, and that popped the radiator protector thingy out which spiked the engine temp. I felt it right away, so I tried to nurse the bike the best I could, but the bike overheated. I had two DNFs late in both motos, a lot of work just to end up with disappointing results. That's what can happen in mud races, but it's so frustrating!"

Team Personnel

Wil Hahn – Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing Team Manager

"We had some crazy conditions today! It was a tough day for everyone, but we still got very good points. We're looking forward to going again next weekend at Ironman!"

Jim Roach – Yamaha Racing Department Manager

"Today was a little bit of a roller coaster here at Loretta Lynn's with a heavy mud race. There was lots of rain overnight and during the day. It started out great with Justin getting the holeshot in Moto 1 and went on to lead every lap for the win. Broc finished second, so a 1-2 for the Monster Energy Factory Yamaha Racing Team was a high point.

"In the second moto, Justin got out to about fifth place, and we immediately found we had a problem. He tried to manage it throughout the race, but ultimately it ended up in a DNF. Broc, on the other hand, finished ninth and just missed the podium. It was a strong finish in just his second race with the team. Overall, it was a great performance by both riders, and we showed what we could; unfortunately, the DNF really cost us. We're going to regroup from that and come back to Ironman next weekend and go for another 1-2 finish."

Dustin Pipes - H.E.P. Motorsports Team Manager

"Great weekend for the team. Very proud of each of our crew members and the effort collectively put forward to get Max on the podium. The conditions were tough with the rain, but everyone kept their head down and kept working. This was a big step for the team. I am eager to share the feeling again with Clark, Aaron, Dave, Ryan, Chase, Todd, Lawson, and Louis. For Max to get on the podium in only his second race back from a torn Achilles is a huge accomplishment, and I look forward to seeing his continued progression."

 Jeremy Albrecht - JGRMX Team Manager

 "It was great to see the [JGR] team have some success yesterday. We made some changes during the week and were happy to see it pay off. We had good starts again, and each rider had a good moto. Each guy also had a tough moto, but we're proud of them all with the brutal conditions. Freddie had his career-best finish in moto one with a fourth and Alex with the moto two win was really great! Next week should be even better. It's nice to see all the Suzuki bikes running in the front."

Erik Kehoe - Team Honda HRC Manager

"It was a tough weekend for us. The conditions were really tough, and our guys will have to leave here and learn what we can from this weekend. Both Chase and Christian learned a lot about managing efforts through the race to get the bikes to finish. It was a tough weekend with the conditions, but we'll come back strong next week."

Jordan Troxell - Mechanic: Christian Craig

 "It was a much better round two for Christian. The track and conditions were pretty brutal, but he was able to manage well, running in the top three for much of the first moto. A couple falls affected the final score, but still a good day in some tough conditions. Hopefully, we can get back to a dry track next weekend and keep progressing." 

 Jade Dungey - Mechanic: Chase Sexton

"All in all, it wasn't too bad of a day. Practice went well, with P6 in the mud. In the first moto, Chase had a really good start and came around the corner in third. Throughout the moto, he made good progress, was up to second at one point, and then crashed in the mud and ended up coming home in sixth. In the second moto, he didn't have as much luck on the start, with a bad jump. On the second lap, he got stuck behind a rider and ended up burying it in the mud. It took him about a lap to get his bike free, and he worked his way from 30th up to 15th, and with one lap to go, he had a bike malfunction. Overall the results don't reflect on how good Chase rode today, but he did, and I think at Ironman, we're just going to have to put two motos back-to-back. Chase is making really good progress, and we're looking forward to next weekend."


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