Ken Roczen Shares His Thoughts on the Stark VARG and E-Motocross Bikes 5

As you've probably seen already, Ken Roczen was in Barcelona, Spain yesterday to spin a few laps aboard the Stark Future VARG. Why? Who really knows. We don't for see this as an actual option for Ken as the there's no standard or rules to allow electric motocross bikes to race in US Supercross or World Supercross as of yet. However, Ken is between deals and has mentioned multiple times that he's taking the opportunity to try different bikes and have fun with it. He did share some of his thoughts on electric moto bikes in general. A bit of harsh language but straight from the fingers of Ken Roczen.

Ken Roczen on the Stark VARG: "E Bike this E bike that, 2 stroke are the shit, 4 strokes suck, 4 strokes are better bla bla. How about i ride circles around you on this thing!? Just sit your ass on a bike, ride and shut up. It’s simple. Most of you haven’t even seen one in person, never mind ridden one. This opens up a whole different door. Untouched territory in this sport. We went from a flip phone to an iPhone didn’t we!? Some people still prefer the flip phone… and that’s ok. You can’t be too narrow minded with this stuff and let your big ass egos get in the damn way. I just love riding dirt bikes. That’s it. It gives you different feed back than your regular dirt bike. Maybe I'll do a review of what this thing does different."


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