Is This Motocross' Field of Dreams?

Click here to see a video interview and riding clips from the track.  

We've seen some interesting private tracks over the years, but this one might top them all. Rod Huss is an obstetrician, and due to the nature of his job, he can't stray too far from home. That's why he brought his fun home with him. His backyard track features the wildest landscaping we've ever seen (we felt like we'd stepped into an issue of Better Homes & Backyard Tracks), and it features its own reservoir, along with a diesel-powered pump system and an impressive irrigation system that allows the entire track to be watered at the same time. The track surface itself is pretty heavenly, with a rock-free mix of sand and clay.

While the track's open to friends and family, he tries his best to limit the number of days and hours they ride to stay on good terms with his local neighbors. That's in addition to keeping the dust down (via the sprinkler system), and using the vast landscaping to help absorb noise.

Is This Motocross' Field of Dreams?While most of us will never get a chance to ride here, we thought you'd dig seeing what you can build with lots of time and effort...a little piece of moto-nirvana.

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