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In this episode, Ping speaks about tips for riders getting back on the bike, bike preference for 2022, and if there is such a thing as having too good of riding technique.

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  • 2wheelKam

    11/6/2021 8:13 AM

    Another great installment of @Ping. The riding technique question was a good one. It’s interesting to see what sets the dominant riders apart from the rest of the already excellent pros. I was at a regional race once where a retired McGrath was there racing and a young local pro was giving McGrath some great competition. McGrath battled for a lap but then tucked in behind him and watched his lines. Then on the last lap just overjumped two jumps in a row to get around him and then took off. It was the aggression that gave him the separation. He sent it 30 feet past the landing just to make the pass. It put him on another level. Fun to watch cause both had great technique but one was willing to go further to win.
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