Introducing: THINK! Technology

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Think! Technology as they’ve ramped up their new company, both on products that have already hit the track with, and some sneak peeks of new items that they’re working on.

What? You haven’t heard of them? Well, since their launch in November of last year, they have been a bit low-profile (you have to look carefully in the Supercross pits for the Think! logo), but have definitely had their thinking caps on while working with teams like the Dodge Motorsports / Sycuan Casino / Hart & Huntington / Bel Ray Racing, Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda, Rockstar Energy Racing, and they’re about to add a couple factory teams to their roster.

They just sent over this introduction, which will help you get up to speed, not only on some of what they do, but the thinking behind it.

Introducing:  THINK! Technology

Throughout the future, THINK! will be constantly creating and releasing new products on a priority, not an annual, basis, the level of priority will be directly related to ‘demand’ within professional motorcycle racing, with Supercross and motocross first. The products will range from simply improving an existing part, to creating a totally new, groundbreaking part, where the part’s concept has never before been explored with motorcycles or within motorcycle racing. In Formula 1 or WRC? Quite possibly, yes. Since THINK! works directly with the Factory Motocross and Supercross racing teams and racers, we will have each bike model’s shortcomings corrected and improved to the point where the end result in each case will be a better performing, stronger and lighter weight component. And once they’ve been created, tested, developed and put into production, we instigate an internal ‘Team’ to make it obsolete so that we are constantly on the leading edge with each respective part we create. This is how THINK! Technology works.

Each product produced by THINK!, will be created using ‘Teams’ of engineers from each respective industry involved. For instance, our THINK! ‘Lite’ / “Seat Foam” was created by a Team of three Engineers: an Aerospace Engineer to select the proper foam for our respective use, a Software Engineer to create the proper computer generated data necessary to produce an exact replica of each respective motorcycle model’s stock (or custom) seat foam shape, and an Application Engineer to specify the best production method for producing the seat foams. All formally educated, all professionals, all leaders in their respective field of expertise, and all with a personal passion for motorcycle racing.

All THINK! products are created, properly developed and tested by factory-caliber racing teams prior to their release to the public. With each product being ‘made to order.’ In as much as we only use leading edge materials and technologically advanced processes to produce each product we sell, the finish of each is done completely by hand, For instance, our THINK! “Lite” Seat Foam is CNC-machined from aerospace foam, but we then hand-sand the seat foam using two different grades of sandpaper, then hand-cut and apply the protective covering and finish the entire seat by hand, a process that takes over an hour-and-a-half to complete. All THINK! Technology products are individually inspected before shipping to insure perfection and consumer satisfaction.

Want to keep an eye on what these guys are up to? Keep tabs on THINK! Technology via the following links.
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