Good, Bad, 'n Ugly: Salt Lake City 2

250 Class

The Good: Colt Nichols & Justin Cooper Claim Titles

As expected, both Colt Nichols and Justin Cooper wrapped up their regional 250 titles on Saturday, which I believe provided Star Racing Yamaha with their first sweep of both 250 regions since the team's creation. I imagine both of these guys will return to the 250 class in 2022 to defend their titles before they head on up to the big boy class. Justin Cooper is also expected to be a title favorite for the outdoor series that starts soon, but could Colt Nichols throw his hat into the ring, too? Colt has never been a huge outdoors guy, but he has improved quite a bit over the past few years, and I imagine he'll at least be a podium regular. 

Justin Cooper (32).

Colt Nichols.

The Good Bonus: The Lawrence Brothers

This was just the perfect way for the Lawrence brothers to end the Supercross season. 2020 was rough for both of them, but 2021 was when they came into their own and truly became title contenders...AND they got to stand on the podium together at the final round. This duo will continue to haunt the 250 class for the next couple of years, and I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them wins a title in 2022.

The Lawrence brothers, their dad, and Johnny O'Mara.

The Bad: Jarrett Frye | 13th Place

Another week, another so-so performance from Frye. I talked about him earlier in the season, and he didn't improve much between then and the finale. I don't know what his contract situation is like, but I have to think that if this is a contract season for him, his seat has to be hot to the touch right now. He needs to throw down some serious heat during outdoors and establish himself as a top-five guy. Personally, I'm all for giving guys multiple years to develop, but I just don't think Star is one of those teams that has the patience to wait around when they always have a top amateur ready to move up. 

Jarrett Frye (59).

The Ugly: Michael Mosiman | 15th Place

Mosiman continues to show that he has all of the potential in the world, but he still hasn't been able to deliver on it outside of a couple of podium finishes. 2022 is going to be a big year for him. Is he capable of competing for championships, or will he forever be a guy who podiums a few times a year and also misses some races due to injury? 

Michael Mosiman.

450 Class

The Good: Cooper Webb Wins His Second Championship

Webb claimed his second 450 Supercross title on Saturday, and I have to say that I wouldn't be surprised if this is the start of a Dungey/Villopoto type run for him. Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, and Marvin Musquin will still be his biggest title threats for the next couple of years, but all three regressed in 2021 in one way or another. Roczen can't seem to perform at a high level for an entire series, Tomac appears to have an entirely different approach to racing than he did just a year ago, and Musquin struggled with both starts and crashes throughout the season. We also have Adam Cianciarulo, Chase Sexton, and Dylan Ferrandis, who should be the next group of big dogs, but I don't see how any of them could outlast Webb in a 17-round series at this point. I could also be completely wrong. Heck, maybe Webb will never win another title! I'm just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if he wins two or three more of these things before it's all said and done.

Cooper Webb, locking up the title.

The Bad: Jason Anderson | DNF

Anderson had a rough go of it in the Main Event as multiple riders muscled their way by him in a way that we would typically see him move past riders. He didn't put up a fight at all, and I'd bet it's because he was suffering from altitude sickness once again. He's been dealing with this issue for a while, and some years it seems to affect him more than others. Anyway, it was a disappointing end to what was an up-and-down season for Anderson, but I think he showed that he still can compete with the top guys in this class. I'm expecting him to take another step forward in 2022, and hopefully, he'll be able to claim his first win in several years. 

Jason Anderson

The Ugly: Eli Tomac & Ken Roczen

I believe we are officially in the waning years of the Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen era. They both have families now, and it seems like they've both changed their approach to racing as a result. Both will continue to be competitive for the next couple of years, and there's no doubt that they'll win several more races, but I think Cooper Webb will be the top dog for the foreseeable future. It's wild to think that despite being considered the top dogs for several years now, Roczen and Tomac have only accounted for one 450 Supercross title between them. We also have to consider that it won't be long until the new kids on the block (Sexton, Cianciarulo, Ferrandis, etc.) are ready to contend for titles.

Eli Tomac.

Ken Roczen (94).

Words by Grant Dawson
Photos by Steve Giberson

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