Good, Bad, 'n Ugly: Houston 3 3

Wrapping up the Houston season.

250 Class

The Good: Jo Shimoda | 4th Place

I was genuinely surprised when Honda didn't find a spot for Jo on the newly formed Team Honda HRC 250 squad, but he landed on his feet after an audition with Pro Circuit Kawasaki went well, scoring a spot on the team for 2021. And while I wouldn't say Jo has established himself as a title contender this season, he has been solid, and he's shown some real progression in his second full season here in the U.S. I think he's a lock to land on the podium sometime this year, and if he's able to keep his top-five streak alive for most of, if not all, of this season, he'll have to be in the discussion as a title contender for 2022. He's definitely one of the smoothest riders on the circuit right now. 

Jo Shimoda (30).

The Bad: Michael Mosiman | 5th Place

Man, Michael Mosiman got absolutely bullied during the 250 Main Event... First, Max Vohland ran him high in a corner and I'm sure that didn't sit well with Michael. No one wants to get passed by a rookie, especially when it's an aggressive pass. Michael was able to get back around him not long after that, so he had the final laugh, but then Jett Lawrence absolutely torpedoed him in a corner and left him on the ground. I can't say I'm surprised that guys have started to get aggressive with Michael, though, since he's rather difficult to pass, and he is definitely not afraid to run it in on people. It was definitely a Main Event that Michael will want to forget, or, heck, maybe he'll use it as motivation. Every racer reacts differently when they have a night like that. 

Anyway, I honestly thought that Michael would be a title contender this season, but his 7-4-5 results through the first three rounds say otherwise. 

Michael Mosiman.

The Bad Bonus: RJ Hampshire | DNQ

RJ was already dealing with a couple of injuries heading into Houston 3, but things went from bad to worse in a hurry as he crashed during practice and was ruled out for the race pretty quickly. I haven't seen an update on his condition at this point in the week, but I'd imagine he'll sit out for a bit to let his body heal up. He has taken an absolute beating lately...and attempting to race with three different injuries when he's already out of the title hunt doesn't make much sense. One of these days, things will go RJ's way...

RJ Hampshire.

The Ugly: Austin Forkner | DNQ

Well, another Supercross season will come and go for Austin Forkner, and he'll still be left searching for his first number one plate. He crashed hard during qualifying, and it sounds like he may have broken his collarbone, although nothing has been confirmed at the time of writing this article. Regardless, it's a foregone conclusion that Austin will not race Indy 1, and as a result, his chances of winning the championship are essentially zero percent. Even if he somehow did make it to the starting gate at Indy 1, he's 30 points down, and I don't see him closing that kind of gap on the likes of Colt Nichols, Christian Craig, and Jett Lawrence. Austin's 250 career has mirrored Adam Cianciarulo's in many ways so far, so let's hope that it ends in similar fashion, too. 

Austin Forkner.

450 Class

The Good: Cooper Webb | 1st Place

Cooper may have gotten an assist from Dean Wilson on the last lap, but I think it was going to be really close between Coop and Ken Roczen as they approached the checkered flag, regardless. People can be as mad at Deano as they want, but at the end of the day, Coop won the race, and he now sits only one point out of the championship lead. And, honestly, I wouldn't have expected Coop to be in such a great position after how he looked at the first two rounds. He just looked flat and didn't look aggressive in the slightest, but it turns out that his struggles were mostly due to the bike setup and getting used to the new WP air shock. He also let the team set up his bike for Houston 3, and we saw the results that followed... If I had to place a bet on who would win this championship right now, Coop would be who I bet on. 

Cooper Webb.

The Bad: Zach Osborne | 9th Place

Zacho has gone 10-10-9 to start the season, which is...not great? I think a lot of us expected him to compete for wins and at least podiums throughout the entire season. He has had a lot of crashes so far, though, and it's kind of hard to do well in a class this stacked when you can't stay off of the ground. None of the Husqvarna riders have done particularly well up to this point; we'll keep an eye on the team's performances over the next few rounds and see if the trend continues. 

Zach Osborne.

The Bad Bonus: Dean Wilson | 11th Place

Boooo! Nah, Deano made a mistake, but he has owned up to it, and it's clear he feels really bad about the whole situation. I get that Ken was absolutely fuming after the race, but this isn't the first time a lapper has impacted the leader's finish, and it won't be the last, either. There's no way Deano did something like that on purpose, as he has led a lot of races in his career, so he knows how frustrating it is to navigate a track in a lapper-heavy race. It's a bummer of a situation, but we all need to move on. Honestly, I'm more worried about the fact that Deano has yet to finish inside the top 10...

Dean Wilson (15).

The Ugly: Marvin Musquin | 13th Place

It was just a bad day all around for Marvin in what has been a challenging start to the season. It is awesome that he already has a podium finish, but it's pretty clear that the days of him being a title contender every year that he's healthy are over. He's getting older, and while I still expect for him to rack up some more podiums and a win or two this season....he's not winning this championship. I just hope that he's able to stay healthy for the entire season.

Marvin Musquin.

Words by Grant Dawson
Photos by Steve Giberson


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