Good, Bad, 'n Ugly: Atlanta 2

250 Class

The Good: Cameron McAdoo | 3rd Place

This had to be one of the wildest sequences of events I've ever witnessed unfold at a Supercross race. McAdoo front flipped into the face of the over-under bridge, and then his momentum took him up to the top of the bridge and slammed him down again. It was one of the worst crashes I've ever seen, and I think we all figured he would end up taking a trip to the hospital. A few moments later, they red-flagged the race, and the Peacock TV broadcast went to a "commercial" break in which they showed a static camera that was focused on the track. Then out of nowhere, we could all hear what sounded like McAdoo pleading with a member of the medical staff to let him race, and then when the broadcast came back from break, it was confirmed to be McAdoo talking to the medic. Surely he wouldn't be cleared to race, right? Wrong! He was cleared to race and lined back up for the restart with bent bars, no front number plate, and one extremely sore body. He then went on to ride like an absolute madman and finished in third place. This race alone solidifies that McAdoo will go down as one of the toughest riders in history, and I'm sure they'll bring this race up for many years to come on the television broadcast. It also showed that while Justin Cooper extended his points lead to nine with a win in the Main Event, McAdoo is going to make sure that this thing ain't over until the fat lady sings. I hope he has been getting lots of rehab done before he lines back up on Saturday. 

Cameron Mcadoo "sprinting" back to his bike after the crash early in the 250 main. By sprint we mean hobble/shuffle/limp.

The Bad: Seth Hammaker | 9th Place

For a rookie, Hammaker has exceeded all expectations for this season. And, to be fair, his ninth-place finish on Tuesday would be considered a solid result for most rookies. However, Hammaker has proven this season that he should finish inside the top five at every round in this 250 West Class, so it was surprising to see him struggle a bit with the track on Tuesday and find himself on the ground a couple of times. This is why it's so hard to be a 250 rookie in this sport. A rider gets one win, one podium, and one top-five, and then guys like me think that a ninth-place finish is a bit of a disappointment. 

Seth Hammaker.

The Ugly: Ryan Sipes | DNQ

Ryan Sipes had a horrible crash in the 250 LCQ in which he came up short after the finish line and came to a sudden stop. He didn't say whether or not he sustained any major injuries, but he did say that this marks the end of his Supercross season. I enjoy watching Sipes race a variety of disciplines and find different levels of success in all of them, but it's never good to see him go down hard in one of the few Supercross races he participates in. Heal up, Ryan. 

It was one of those days for Ryan Sipes (264). This was just after the start of the heat race.

450 Class

The Good: Ken Roczen | 1st Place

After Saturday, I said that I felt like Roczen's chances of winning this title were essentially non-existent. I still think that Cooper Webb will end up the champion, but Roczen cutting Webb's lead down to 13 points does make things much more interesting with only a handful of rounds left. If Webb were to have another off race or make a single mistake over the remainder of the series, Roczen will be right there to take advantage. We can't completely forget that Roczen did finish a disappointing ninth place on Saturday, but maybe this win will swing the momentum in his direction at the most crucial point in the championship. 

Ken Roczen (94).

The Bad: Cooper Webb | 6th Place

Webb slipping backwards in the order during the Main Event has become a rare sight, but it did happen on Tuesday. I'm not sure if it was setup-related (which seemed to be an issue for him on Saturday) or if he couldn't get himself in tune with the track, but it definitely wasn't the best showing for the red plate holder. He did start to find his footing towards the end of the race, and it looked like he would pass Justin Barcia, but Barcia took Webb's line away right before a wall jump which led to a tip-over for Webb. He still has a 13-point cushion to work with, but he can't afford to lose nine points in one evening again. 

Cooper Webb (2).

The Ugly: Malcolm Stewart | DNF

Atlanta 2 is actually Malcolm Stewart's first DNF in what has been a very solid season for the Yamaha rider. I'd imagine that he has lived up to the expectations that Star Racing Yamaha had for him in their first season running a 450 program. I still think that he has the talent to land on the podium a couple of times each season, but that has yet to happen. He will get a podium at some point, though. He has a handful of chances left to get it done this season, but I think he definitely gets one in 2022 if he remains with Star for another year. 

Malcolm Stewart.

Words by Grant Dawson
Photos by Steve Giberson

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