Good, Bad, 'n Ugly: Arlington 2 2

We've run two out of three in Arlington. Here's part two.


Good: We Finally Got the Start to a Race We Were Looking For!

We've been waiting to see the three riders atop the championship chase (Webb, Roczen, and Tomac) get out of the gate together, and they delivered. Ken Roczen got the quick jump, but Cooper Webb held a tighter line through the first turn and came out with a lead that he'd never relinquish.

The start of the 450 main (above and below).

Bad: It Didn't Live Up To Expectations

Unfortunately, while the top three started at the front, it didn't develop into much of a battle. Cooper Webb had the lead, and while it looked like Eli Tomac was pacing Webb, and closing before making a big mistake, that's as close as it would get. Kenny finished third, but it didn't look like he had much for the lead duo. It feels like there's been a big momentum shift in the last couple of weeks.

Cooper Webb.

Ugly: Mounting Injuries

While we've been fairly lucky so far this season, the list of riders who are beaten and banged up, or sidelined, is growing. Yeah, it's par for the course, and does create opportunities for others to put in good showings (or make mains), but it's still tough to watch.


Good: Hunter Lawrence Win

Seeing that kind of emotion from Hunter after he crossed the finish line was cool. He's had a tough string of injuries and issues that have hampered his performance, so to see him catch a win was very cool indeed. Even better? When he was told during the post-race press conference that he now had the points lead, his response was a happy laugh, and a, "Are you f&*king with me?"

Cameron Camera and Hunter Lawrence.

Good Bonus: 250 Podium

Jed Rodriguez, and Jalek Swoll.

Kyle Peters, with Heath Harrison and Mitchell Key.

If you picked that 250 podium, with Lawrence, Jalek Swoll, and Kyle Peters, you're better at picking than we are. But we do love seeing variety atop the box, and these guys provided it. It was also cool to see all the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna riders (and others from the 450 class) stop by to congratulate riders in the 250 class.

Bad: Cameron Mcadoo Penalty

When  the 250 results were slow to come out, you had to figure that they were looking at something, and sure enough, Cameron getting docked for taking liberties with the course slid him out of the points lead. He'll continue the fight on Saturday.

Cameron Mcadoo.

Ugly: Justin Cooper Crash

Oh man, seeing Justin go down early in the 250 main was tough. He's got the speed, equipment, and talent to contend for this title, now he just needs some luck and a light coating of anti-gravity spray. 

Justin Cooper.

Text and photos: GuyB

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