GP Bits: MXGP of the Czech Republic 2

We're playing catch-up on some of the recent GPs, so here's a quick blast of GP Bits from the Czech GP.

GP Bits: MXGP of the Czech Republic

All photos by MX July.

Ah yes, they do things a bit differently in the GPs. For example, this HRC hospitality setup.

No matter which side of the pond you're on, there's always cleaning work to be done.

The awnings the teams use on the GP side are also quite different than what we're used to seeing.

No doubt on this one.

How clean is the setup in the Ice One Rockstar Husqvarna rig?

Let's take a peek at some of the details on Thomas Kjer Olsen's bike.

Lots of available grip.











Courtney Duncan swept both motos in the Women's class at Loket.

Such a dialed-looking setup for Courtney.

How about Airoh's super-deluxe helmet refresh station?

Jago Geerts getting some pre-race physio.

Maxime Renaux is rocking the red plate as the MX2 points leader.

Maxime finished second in MX2 at Loket.

Pit lane life. Ivo Monticelli in for a quick pit stop.

Some of the guys opt for a fresh rear tire to start the race. For Tim Gajser? Burnout on the edge of the gate and run it. There are times (like when the gate is damp) that he feels like it's an advantage to not be running a fresh tire.

Jago Geerts getting some last-minute instructions. He nabbed sixth overall in MX2.

Even with a good tire changer, changing mousse setups requires some muscle.

Jed Beaton in the pits...

...and on the track. The speedy Aussie was fourth overall at Loket.


Kay de Wolf was eighth overall in MX2.

Stephane Rubini's Honda.

What a sweet-looking venue.

Mattia Guadagnini (101) nabbed the top overall spot in MX2.

Thibault Benistant rounded out the MX2 podium, taking third overall.

Ruben Fernandez gave the Spanish fans something to cheer about with his fifth overall in MX2.

Jorge Prado running out front in one of the MXGP races. His 1-3 was good for the overall win.

Antonio Cairoli and Brian Bogers duking it out. Cairioli was second overall in MXGP.

Rene Hofer (711) gets the early jump in this moto.

The MXGP crew, blasting up the long start straight.

The pro women head for the first turn.

Mattia Guadagnini was your big MX2 winner.

Break out the local color.

Jeremy Seewer was third in MXGP, with a 5-2 score.

Jorge Prado popping bottles.

Tom Vialle gets some TV time with ITV.

Part of the local crew.

How about one of the local delicacies for the road?

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