GP Bits: MXGP of Spain | Round 13

Check out some exciting racing from the MXGP of Spain.

*Our European photographer had very limited access to the pits in Spain. The only shots we received are from the track. 

No surprise that Jorge Prado had massive support in his home country.

And there were a lot of moto fans period.

Jorge Prado pulled two holeshots in front of his hometown crowd, but had to settle for second overall with 2 - 3 moto scores.

Jorge Prado: “I loved it with the fans today. It’s the first time I’ve had such support. After my two MX2 titles we haven’t had a home GP with a full crowd, so this is the first time I’ve felt this positive energy. They were amazing today. Last weekend was a real struggle but I managed two days of riding this week and could get a bit more into the rhythm. Even though I was not 100% coming into the weekend I gave my all as always. I think you could see it. I had two good starts and those were key. I rode quite OK, and I was difficult to pass! I think I will make it even harder in the next couple of rounds with even more bike time.”

Those KTMs must have some special sauce over there because in both MXGP and MX2, it was orange bikes first across the line, as you can see with Tom Vialle here.

Prado leading his home GP.

Teammates, Hofer and Guadagnini on different parts of the track making for a cool shot.

Jeffrey Herlings keeps the red plate and has a 12 point lead over Romain Febvre. Tim Gajser is only a further three points back in 3rd.

Tony Cairoli: “A tough race today but I’m actually happy about my feeling, and my health is getting better. I didn’t have the same problem as the last few races where I had to ride with painkillers. The starts were important again and in the first moto I messed up. My pace was improving when I had a stone come into my boot; something very strange that has never happened to me before. I had to stop and open the boot because it was hurting a lot. So, I lost a couple of positions that I then fought to regain. I enjoyed riding this weekend and made the most of a good start in the second moto. I caught Jorge but never really had the chance to pass him. 4th was OK and we’ll take the positive thing about my chest and ribs feeling better, which means we’ll hopefully be even more competitive in Arco.”

Jeffrey Herlings:“We started off strong in Timed Practice and I had a good jump off the gate in the first moto but rode into the first two turns too careful; like an old grandma! I got up to 10th but a good start is crucial now because the guys in 7th-8th are riding so fast and when they have good lines it is hard to pass. It took me some time to get going. The first 15 minutes were awful but the last 15 were really good. I came from far back and closed-up to the leaders. The second moto start was better. Tim [Gajser] made a mistake and I was into 2nd. Jorge was tough to pass but he was riding the right lines. Once I managed it, I was able to check-out and control the race. It was good. I’m looking forward to Arco and the shorter start straight there!”

Herlings went 3 - 1 for the overall win.


With limited photos, here is some social from the weekend. 

Seewer is looking better and better. 

Febvre lighting the fires in moto one!

I'm going to say Tim Gajser was Best Dressed, by far!

Pauls Jonass has been solidly in the top five for most of the last races. He's 7th overall in points. 

The points leader in the MX2 class extended his lead. 

TKO and AJ7 are struggling a bit this year, but their setup still looks clean.

Beaton on the box! And nice whips. 


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