GP Bits: MXGP of Russia | Round 1 3

To kick off the 2021 MXGP racing season, Russia hosted the inaugural Grand Prix over the weekend. Let's get a behind-the-scenes look at the action on the ground.

GP Bits: MXGP of Russia | Round 1

All photos by MxJuly

Note: We are working with a new photographer for this MXGP season. This first GP Bits is light on bike details, but we plan to be back to normal Bits for the following rounds. Thanks. 

We kick off a new season of MXGP racing, starting in Russia.

Jeffrey Herlings went 4-2 for second overall. He his still working back to racing form after missing most of last year.

Cool homage to Prado's family on the latest Airoh lid, the Aviator 3.

The Beta 450 RX made its MXGP debut with the Beta SDM Corse Team. Rider Jeremy van Horebeek got 9th overall. Really impressive for a first-year bike and team.

Jed Beaton is now the veteran on the Rockstar Husqvarna MX2 team since teammate Thomas Kjer Olsen hopped up to the MXGP class, and Kay De Wolf is still learning the ropes.

There was a lot of pressure on Tom Vialle, with good reason. Dude went 1-1 in a commanding fashion.

Tony Cairoli was 3rd in the first moto, but went down hard late in the second moto and his bike was too twisted up to ride. The 3 - DNF scores got him tenth overall.

We have the Lawrence and Martin brother over here, and the MXGP class as brothers Ben and Nathon Watson.

Factory Yamaha racer Jeremy Seewer finished a solid 5th overall. He has some pressure on him since he was runner up in the championships last year. Or as they like to call in Europe, Vice World Champion.

Winning from the front? No prob. Winning from the back? Got it. Tim Gajser was flying in Russia, with a moto one win from the front of the pack and a full-field charge when he was almost last off the moto 2 line.

First champaign for Vialle. Fernandez and Boisrame rounded out the MX2 podium.

First podium in the MX2 class for the Spanish rider Ruben Fernandez on the Honda 114 team.

Herlings gave props to Tim's blazing speed in the post-race press conference.


Everyone is wondering if anyone has speed this year to match Tim.

View of the Russian archetecture of Orlyonok on the Black Sea.

Glenn Coldenhoff had a day he'd rather forget with out-of-his-control crashes in both motos landing him 17th overall.

Gajser, Herlings, and Febvre

We don't know how, but this dude always bounces up like rubber.

Russia is one of the pack-and-ship destinations for the MXGP teams.

Some disassembly required for Henry Jacobi's JM Honda CRF450R.

Kawi building out their pits.

Not fully open, fan interaction was kept to a minimum. But Prado still has time to sign some caps.

Like moving your entire garage.

Especially for the Husqvarna team that has a crazy modern semi, all the teams have to work out of crates, which is a different program than most races.

Convenient front fender storage.

Tony is huge in Russia (he's huge in any country).

The Red Bull KTM team seems to be trying a new front fender location. We'll see how that works out for them.

I guess it didn't, back to the normal position.

Awkward photo opp.

Standing Construct GASGAS has a new top rider in Pauls Jonass. He had a bike issue DNF the first moto, but finished an impressive 3rd in the second MXGP moto.

Rockstar Husky MX2 team of Jed Beaton and Kay De Wolf.

And we are out.

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