GP Bits: MXGP of Lommel | Round 15

Photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo

Another rainy day at Lommel. Bikes need to stay dry, too.

Rolloff systems are pretty much standard operating equipment for the sand.

For those weekend warriors out there that never touch their clickers after they get their suspension back from the shop, even the pros at the highest level are tweaking their set-ups.

Ready for that quick wheel change in crappy conditions.

Not sure about the green grommets on the floating rotor.

Solid rotors are often used in sand or mud to cut down on abrasion, and in cooler weather when heat isn't such an issue.

Sand in the radiator? No prob for the trusty leafblower.

Another shot of that XL carbon Honda tank.

An assortment of holeshot devices...


Custom stickers are cool, but Seewer has custom gripper sections on the ankles, which are cooler.

That's a new spot for a backup start button.

Dry controls are happy controls.

Tim Gajser had a great weekend going 1-1 for a clear victory.

The matching neck brace is a nice touch.  Tim Gajser: "I’m very happy with how the whole week went. All three rounds my speed was good and I was enjoying the riding. In the first moto I took a really important holeshot because it was raining and the track was wet so it was a lot easier to ride in front rather than get roosted. At the beginning Romain was pushing but I managed to get a good gap and control the race. The second race I got the holeshot again but on the first lap I fell after getting sideways. I went back to seventh or so and it took me a couple of laps to regroup a bit. Then I found some good lines, made some passes and worked all the way back into the lead. I was riding really well and I’m super happy to go one-one here and finish off this week with such a good performance. A big thanks to everyone in the team who continues to work so hard in these difficult times, and I’m really looking forward to getting to Trentino!"

We got a batch of lower triple clamp shots to compare and contrast. Here are Gajser's HRC factory clamps.

Febvre's Xtrig ROCS.

Van Horebeek's Xtrig ROCS on his KYB fork. You can see why some teams run the carbon fiber guards that cover the top of the fork and clamps, these are looking a little beat.

Paulin runs the newer style Xtrig ROCS with the curved lower section.

Cairoli has the factory KTM clamps that you can buy for your KTM from their Power Parts catalog.

Bogers likes the older "non-split" Xtrig clamps.

Romain Febvre put together a 2-2 moto score for second overall.

Romain Febvre: “In the second heat I was really comfortable in the lead and doing some good things so I just tried to keep my rhythm but I knew I could be better on two particular sections of the track and could see Tim coming back at me. I knew for sure he must have better lines than me in those parts of the track so I hoped to see his lines but two corners after he passed me I crashed so I could not follow him. It’s not really what I would have hoped but at least we are back on the box after just missing it on the same points in the first two races here. I’m looking forward to Arco; maybe it will be cold, maybe not, but we feel good and will be looking for more podiums there. “

Jeremy Seewer rounded out the podium with 4-3 moto scores.

Jeremy Seewer: “It’s nice to be back on the podium after a tough week here in Lommel. It was really brutal out there, the rain, the weather, the track, three GP’s in a row, Lommel, it was just really tricky. I am happy to be back on the podium with two solid motos and no big mistakes. I’m looking forward to the next three GP’s in Arco di Trento because this is more my type of track so there are still some positive races left.”

No duct-tape-and-goggle-lens set up here. Beaton is running Bell's extended mudguard visor.

Andrea Bonacorsi won the EMX125 Championship last Wednesday on the Fantic XX125. On Sunday he was 5th overall but still gets massive style points.

Got to get those levers just right.

Cairoli had a good first moto (3rd) and an 'ehh' second moto (10th) for fifth overall.

That Airoh visor is even peakier with that mud extension.  Tony Cairoli: “A bad day today and the two crashes in the second moto didn’t help. We didn’t have the speed to go with the guys in front in the first moto. So, not such a satisfying week in Lommel. We need to re-group and go to Italy with the least amount of pressure, enjoy the riding and finish this season on the best way. I hope Jorge gets well soon.”

Paulin has some tall starting blocks considering how tall he is.

CNC'd clutch master cylinder.

Same here but the Brembo version with a straight hose connector and carbon guard.

Febre runs the stock Nissin cylinder and has a bit of safety wire for peace of mind.

More safety wire on the banjo bolt.

These handguards give the master cylinder some extra protection.

Tonus is runny the tried and true tape-and-goggle rig.

Jago Geerts was probably the fastest MX2 rider out there but couldn't keep it rubber-side down. He had multiple crashes in both motos.

Jago Geerts: “I’m disappointed with the result. This week did not go how it was supposed to go. I had some issues with the handling of the bike and crashed four times the same, by losing the front. I just want to put these GP’s behind me and focus on learning the bike better for the next rounds and also for next year.”

But his teammate, Ben Watson got his first overall victory with 1-4 moto scores.

Ben Watson: “Honestly, I have actually no words. I am so emotional. It is just so difficult to thank everybody for what they have done. Everything was just laid out on the table for me from the whole Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team. It’s just a good feeling for me to kind pay this back to them. I’ve worked so hard for so many years and had so many injuries along the way that to come back and stand on the top step, there are just no words for it.”

Roan Van De Moosdijk was second overal with 6-1 scores.

Maxime Renaux rounded out the podium with 2-5 scores.

We'll say adieu to Lommel with this shot of Sandner in the sand.

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