GP Bits: MXGP of Lombardia | Round 9

Photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo

We'll get the bad news out of the way first. Arminas Jasikonis had a nasty crash and is in a medically induced coma. Below is the official injury update.

Taken to hospital in Cremona, Italy, Arminas was diagnosed as having a traumatic brain injury and, as is routine procedure with injuries of this type, placed in a medically induced coma in order to stabilise his situation. Due to the serious nature of injuries of this kind, AJ remains in a coma and is receiving ongoing specialist care. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing would like to thank all medical staff that have assisted Arminas as well as the numerous well-wishers both from within the MXGP paddock and the wider motorcycle community.

Bikes lined up for the MX2 class. Side plate backgrounds and numbers don't have to match the front, which has to be black with white numbers.

Gautier Paulin is working on his hocus pocus. He is also testing the new Bell helmet that we've seen on Tomac and Webb.


He's also a fan of dessert, or has a weird nick name.

Going 1-3, Yamaha's Jeremy Seewer got his first overall victory, though not the way he'd normally like. "Prado, Paulin and Febvre received a penalty for not respecting a waved yellow flag which saw them drop some positions changing the final podium standings."

Jeremy Seewer “I am happy with the points I scored. My first moto was one for the books. I took the holeshot and led every lap. You cannot wish for more. It’s all about the starts at this level, but to keep getting holeshot with how fast everyone is, it’s really hard. The second race was not too bad but fifth or sixth, so I had to make some passes and I ended up making a mistake. You need to risk a bit to make a pass, and it didn’t work out for me. I want to win, but I am not stressing too much about it. There are still many races to come. It’s a long championship still. It’s awesome to win this GP. It’s not the way I wanted to win, but a win is a win and, in a few years,, nobody knows so it’s a huge milestone in your career to win a MXGP Grand Prix. Anyway, I would have liked to be on the top of the podium at the end of the race to enjoy it like that, but my thoughts at the moment are with my friend AJ, Arminas Jasikonis.”

Always with the Swiss pride.

Antonio Caroli was 8th overall, with a 3-15 moto score. Looking at his bike, just like all factory KTM's they look pretty stock compared to other teams.

No more custom drilled holes in the airbox. For a couple years now, KTMs come with this vented cover.

Cairoli's header is of moderate length which should give an even spread of power rather than going to the extremes with super short, or super long headers. Also, the frame is not gusseted in the front like a lot of the US team's bikes.

No brake snake on this bike. It might be the backup since that is a pretty standard part for peace of mind.

Standing Construct GASGAS rider Glenn Coldenhoff found his speed again with a 2nd overall, 4-2 moto score.

Glenn Coldenhoff: “Second overall is a good result, for sure. I’d have liked to have been at the front of the battle rather than at the back of it, but it is what it is. I had a good feeling today which is important. It’s quite hard to pass on this circuit and everyone is similar in speed but luckily I had decent starts and was able to move forwards, especially in race two. The first moto was ok but once I was into fourth, I fell into a rhythm behind Cairoli and was unable to make a pass. Overall, good points, second overall after a couple of guys jumped on a yellow flag and up to fifth in the championship. I’m looking forward to Wednesday.”

Sticking with the GASGAS factory effort, both riders on the DIGA Process Factory Juniors team had to be replaced because of injury. Riders Simon Langenfelder and Jeremy Sydow are out and Isak Gifting and Michael Sandner are in.

A closer look at the WP factory equipment on Gifting's MC 250F.

People might be hating, but silver rims and hubs are looking good to us. Plus that coated caliper and slick Akro guard don't hurt either.

Across all KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS bikes they have similar bits on their identical powerplants. Carbon fiber wire protector and anodized plugs, but this time red instead of orange or blue.

Full look at the MC 250F.

The "make everything red" theme on these bikes is working. You can also see the red "factory clamps" that all the Austrian bikes have.

Those forks don't care what color the bike is, red, orange, or white.

We just get a glimpse under the seat of Romain Febvre's KX450R, revealing a carbon subframe that we can't run over here.

Romain Febvre: “It was a tough GP for me. At the start of the first race another rider changed his line so my start was not good at all! I was in the pack and came back through to tenth; it could have been better but I could never find a spot to pass Gajser even though I was much faster than him. My second start was really good; I was in second position and tried everywhere to pass Prado but once more it was so difficult to make a pass stick and finally Gajser got me. I finished third but lost two positions due to a yellow flag.”

Courtney Duncan is the first racer to give the all-new 2021 KX250 a race win. She didn't get the overall in the WMX class but got that first moto.

That being said, her KX was definitely not stock, especially with the WP suspension.

Racing underway? No tires to change!

A rival to LitPro, it looks like CrossBox is gaining some ground as a GPS device in Europe.

Seewer's machine. The gap in the rear plastic is filled with a little carbon piece.
Looks like he prefers a rigid bar mount, but the flex of the XTrig ROCS clamps.

Prado and Gajser showing mad respect after an incredible moto 2 battle.

With Prado relegated two positions, he ended up 3rd overall with 2-4 scores.

Jorge Prado: “The victory was in my hands today. I feel I deserved it. It was a very good day and to win twice in this very tough class in my first year is something to be happy about. I sweated my shirt in that second moto to stay in second place. My speed wasn’t quite as good as the first moto but I’d made steps in recent weeks with my physical condition and the bike was working so well. I can take confidence from the way we finished.”

Honda HRC rider Tim Gajser went 8-1 for fourth overall which was good enough to nab the red plate. A bad start buried him in moto one, but he won by 14 seconds in moto two.

Tim Gajser: "The first race didn’t start very well as I was back in the pack and it was tough to come through the field and pass the riders as everyone is very fast. I managed to come back to eighth but I was a little disappointed because I know that the start makes all the difference. For the second race, I put a lot of focus on the start and I managed to come out of the first corner around fifth and then I made a couple of quick passes which put me into third. I was following Romain and Jorge for around 15 minutes, before I was able to make two passes to get myself into the lead. I pulled a good gap, controlled the race to take the win and I’m super happy with how it turned out. Obviously getting the red plate is a big bonus and I will try my best to hold onto it until the end of the season."

Husqvarna is pitting from 2030.

One-two sweep for the Rockstar Husqvarna MX2 team.

Thomas Kjer Olsen put together a 2-4 moto score for the overall victory.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I’m so happy. It’s been a tough season but I’m super-happy to win today. My riding was really good and although I didn’t win a moto, I was in the battle all day. Second place in the opening moto was great and then in race two it was just a crazy battle. I’ve got my confidence on the bike back now and I felt amazing all day today. It took some time and I had a really good week of training before today, so it’s coming together good now. I’m really happy for my team as well. They have stuck by me all year and through two injuries and here we are, on top of the podium. I’m super happy.”

An emotional Jed Beaton after his first moto win in the MX2 class.

Maxime Renaux's YZ250F had a bold look over the weekend.


They run a pretty open air box cover, even in the sand. And you can see the custom GET device bracket that all Yamaha teams have to use because of the ridge down the front fender.

The blue, yellow, and black color scheme really comes together with the sprocket, hub, and rear spring combo.

Now if the ROCS clamps were blue too... that would be sweet. Also, they run a Brembo front brake system.

Just like the big Yamaha's they run a hydraulic clutch.

Yamaha's Ben Watson got his first podium of 2020 with 6-2 moto scores.

Ben Watson: “It feels really really good to be back on the podium. It’s been a long time coming and it is now my third, it’s just finding those missing pieces that prevent me from being here more often. In training I have been feeling really good, and during the races it has been a bit of a struggle. Even today, I was down this morning and not feeling good at all, but I just managed to take two good starts and that played a big part in today. I was especially happy to have a solid second moto to get back on the podium.”

Duck the roost and get ready for another round on Wednesday.

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