GP Bits: MXGP of Lombardia | Round Five 4

An inside look at the fifth round of the 2019 MXGP FIM Motocross World Championship from Mantova, Italy.

GP Bits: MXGP of Lombardia | Round Five

The qualifying race on Saturday was mostly dry with even some dust...

But the actual racing on Sunday was a sloppy mess. No wonder the MXGP guys can ride so well in horrible conditions.

Red Bull KTM's Tony Cairoli is continuing his domination of the 2019 MXGPs, going 1 - 1 for the overall victory. The only way to stay clean at this race was to get the holeshot and run away with it.

How do you say "LOOK!" in Italian?

“It was very nice to be back in Italy and despite the weather there was a lot of people here today. The race itself went perfectly and we knew the start would be important, especially on a track that was so rutted – it was completely different to what it was yesterday. I’m really happy and thanks to all the team for their great work. It is very early to look at the standings so my focus is to stay in front as long as possible and try not to make a mistake. Hopefully we can be on the podium again next week in Portugal. It is important to be consistent and my goal this season is to always be in the top three. We’ll see how it goes.”

Custom Cairoli Crossfire 3s. Tony is always lookin' fresh.

Is Cairoli bringing back the helmet fin?!? Either that or it is some new data acquisition device. It looks pretty integrated into the helmet to be a third party piece, but it might be.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna's Pauls Jonass put together impressive 2 - 3 moto scores for second overall on the weekend.

Racers like their names on everything...

“This weekend has been really great. I think the qualification race, even if I didn’t get the result I hoped for, was really important for me. Getting a good start and running close to the front really gave me a lot of confidence, which I took into today’s racing. Of course, the track was muddy, but I like the mud, so I felt good. I didn’t get perfect starts, but I managed to make some quick passes and avoid making any big mistakes. Getting the runner-up result in the first moto felt so, so good. The track was a little more one-lined in the second moto but again I felt good. I felt like I was a little quicker than Bogers but I got sideways a few times trying to pass him, so I decided not to take any more chances and just settle down. Getting a good overall result is much more important. To finish second overall, to get my first MXGP podium, to be stood on the box with Cairoli, it’s a very special moment for me. I feel like something has clicked in a positive way now with racing a 450. I’m not at 100% yet but I’m feeling a lot more confident and this result gives me a lot of motivation to keep working hard.”

Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha's Gautier Paulin slogged through the muck for 6 - 4 moto scores that got him the last spot on the overall podium.

Paulin could through some style down on Saturday because of the much more favorable conditions.

“Today we had a difficult track, but we worked really hard over the last five weeks and made a big step forwards with the bike. I didn’t expect this result, but I am happy to be on the box. I am already looking forward to the next GP in Portugal. I really enjoy the track there so I cannot wait to get back behind the gate.”

Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Clement Desalle placed fourth overall with 5 - 7 moto scores. There were only a few jumps that the riders could actually do - seeing a bike in the air on Sunday was a little rare.

“When I saw the track this morning I wasn’t so confident as at the moment it’s difficult for me to put my leg on the ground if the bike slides. But it didn’t change my plan; the goal was to do the best I could and I think I achieved that. I had a good gate pick and got some decent starts in both motos. Fifth in the first race was a good result; I didn’t want to crash so I didn’t take any risks. The second moto was similar and I finished sixth for fourth overall. It’s a positive result if you consider that I couldn’t train on the bike for one month. I will continue to work this week physically and maybe get in some riding. This evening I feel some pain in my hands and shoulders but that’s normal after so long off the bike and I know that it will be better next week.”

Standing Construct KTM rider Glenn Coldenhoff landed in the top ten with 8 - 5 moto scores in the crappy conditions. Coldenhoff seems to really shine with the sun doesn't.

This is the cleanest Tim Gajser's bike looked all weekend. Crashes in both motos left him in sixth overall but he is still in second place in the MXGP points. You can see he'll be rockin' the new Fox V3.

There was some serious first turn carnage in all the motos.

MX2 class.

Let's check out Honda RedMoto Assomotor Team Mathys Boisrame's CRF250R. Boisrame is the 2018 EMX250 Champion and moved up to the MX2 World Championship this year.

One of the main mods you'll notice is the two oil lines going from the cases to the radiators. This is for an external oil cooler and it is protected by a metal guard. The twin Akrapovic pipes on the Honda look good too.

Here you can see the oil cooling coil behind the radiator. Also, right behind the gas vent hose, there is a Tomasin R&D Vortex ECU map switch. Why he prefers in on the tank rather than the bars is a good question.

The Akro full system has extra chambers on both headers, rather than just the right side like the Yosh system.
Cool seeing Brembo brakes on a Honda.

In the MX2 class, it was another moto sweep for Red Bull KTM's Jorge Prado. Dry or muddy, this kid is unstoppable.

“After a month off it was good to come back and get on top of the podium; for the confidence also. I felt really good here from the beginning and it was important to make good starts today: that was the key of the race, as well as staying on two wheels! I enjoyed the second moto a lot. It was really nice to ride that track. It is a place where you need to get the rhythm and let it flow and roll. I could make it happen today. It is very difficult to stay at this level and not make any mistakes and good starts every time: it’s tough. I need to keep concentrating and catch the lead.”

Going down in the first turn of the first moto Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider Thomas Kjer-Olsen was lucky to get second overall on the day with 6 - 2 moto scores.

“That was a tough GP, especially the first moto. Considering I got caught up in the first corner, as well as needing to make a goggle change, I’m pleased that I was able to work my way back to sixth. It’s never ideal to have so much work to do in a race, but I kept my cool and worked my way forward. I’m pleased with the way I rode. The track was tough, but I kind of enjoyed it. It was tricky in places but not too difficult, having some sand in the terrain meant it wasn’t full-on mud. I felt good in the second moto. A good start helped me a lot. I moved forward a few places and ran second for most of the moto, which I’m pleased with. It’s been a positive weekend and I’m looking forward to Portugal now.”

Looking in the Husky pits, sure, the gas can is a little weird but holy cow that's a lot of paper towels!

Jonass: This is what I'm dealing with out there.
Team: And you still went that fast? You're crazy, man.

DIGA-Procross Husqvarna rider Davy Pootjes was a bit of a surprise with 4 - 4 moto scores good enough to put him on the third spot on the podium.

"It was a tough but good day! The day started with a crash in the warm-up, I landed in a huge puddle, which left my bike and I completely submerged. My team and mechanic did a great job restoring everything. I drove two really good bikes for 3rd overall! I even crashed two laps in Moto 2, which cost me second place overall, but I'm still very happy with my first MX2 podium for myself and the team. "

With his first MX2 podium, let's take a look at Davy's machine. you can see the very common vent holes in the air box. The 2020 Husqvarnas will have an optional pre-vented cover.

Stock Pro-Tapers are swapped for Renthal bars with Xtrig clamps and PHDS mounts holding it all together. There is also an orange "FI" warning light on the right side of the frame that isn't stock.

Pootjes has the older unnamed WP suspension rather than the newer XACT PRO that is available now, but a satellite team has to save money where they can. HGS exhaust is a major player in Europe and you can see the head pipe is very short on this FC 250.

Overall, we think all the blue looks good on this bike. The Rockstar teams in Europe and the US all have black frames but the stock navy looks nice with blue hubs, clamps, seat, and muffler.

Team Honda 114 Motorsports' Mitch Evans got fourth in the mud with 8 - 6 moto scores.

Iker Larranaga of Marchetti-KTM Team rounded out the top five. “I experienced a truly impressive weekend. Track conditions have changed radically between Saturday and Sunday. During the first day the weather was good and I got the thirteenth qualifying place. On Sunday I played two good heats which I finished in seventh and ninth position. Despite some mistakes, I always drove well and managed to finish in the top five of the day for the first time in my career. I am very happy with this result and I thank Team Marchetti who put me in a position to do so well. "

What he said.

After a miserable mud race, this face says way more than words.

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