Vital MX GP Bits: MXGP of Latvia

All photos by MX July.

Let's do some roaming around the track and pits in Latvia, shall we?

That's one heavy-duty tunnel.

That's not a bad setting. Like Jeremy Seewer said in this week's One Lap, it's a mix of sand with a hard base.

The paddock ready and waiting.

Looking from the first turn towards pit lane.

Tim Gajser has a pretty deluxe motorhome setup in an arena where campers are often a bit more modest.

Let's tour around some of the details of Jordi Tixier's bike, shall we?

Cool parts, but a type designer's nightmare.






Coming soon to U.S. SX/MX? It's cool to see the numbers of OE manufacturers increasing. Could we have eight or nine on the line in a year or so?

Ah, those freshly broken-in pipes...


Nicholas Lapucci took the second moto of the EMX 250 race aboard his Fantic, but it was Kevin Horgmo who grabbed the overall.

Jorge Prado (above), and Glenn Coldenhoff (below) eyeing up the start.


Romain Febvre looking to see where everyone's at as they exit the first turn.

We're still marveling at the Husky rig setup. (Above and below.)


Jed Beaton was eighth overall in the MX2 class in Latvia. We're not sure what the photog on the outside is shooting.

At the end of the day in the MXGP class, it was Tim Gajser using a pair of second-place moto finishes to take the overall win.

That's a happy winner right there.

Pauls Jonass was ninth in Latvia.

Mattia Guadagnini had the jump here, but he finished second in moto one.

Michele Cervellin scoring some TV time (above), and his pit area (below).


Kay de Wolf heading for the track.

Yep, umbrellas were necessary for part of the weekend.

Pit boards for Kevin Strijbos (22), and Brent Van Doninck (32).

Ah yes, the "be nice to the clutch" message. That one's for Henry Jacobi

It's easy to see who's happy (Tim Gajser and Jorge Prado), and who isn't (Jeffrey Herlings) after moto two. It's still pretty amazing that Jeffrey is racing at all after his injuries a couple of races ago. The upcoming break comes at a good time for him.

Antonio Cairoli was fifth in Latvia.

Sweet style for Pauls Jonass.

That's a cool set of starting blocks for Tim Gajser.

Glenn Coldenhoff deep in the roost.

Maxime Renaux scored the MX2 overall with another pair of moto wins.

It's always good to get a sip from the cup after a good day at the track.

The international symbol for "too close to the bikes."

Yago Martinez gets the jump in this EMX250 moto.

Kevin Horgmo scored the EMX250 overall.

One of Jorge Prado's bikes about to head out to the track.

Kay de Wolf in the pits. He's currently tied for eighth in the MX2 standings.

When a mechanic loses a bet with his rider...



Ruben Fernandez was fifth in MX2 this weekend.

Delta be damned.

Maxime Renaux, Jago Geerts, and Mattia Guadagnini filled out the MX2 podium.

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