GP Bits: MXGP of Italy | Round 6

All photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo 

Before we get to the big bikes, let's look at Liam Everts' (Stephen's son) KTM 125 SX.

Looks like a new type GPS device on the fender.

The engine hanger looks to be stock, just polished up.

On the other side, you can see another polished engine hanger and a carbon fiber guard for the fuel petcock. Also, the team runs the fuel line behind the clutch line.

Cool orange HGS silencer.

Nothing too fancy with the HGS pipe, but there does look to be a little extra protection on the front section. The KTM EMX125 team sticks with Hinson clutch components.

Nickname on the pitboard.

Out back a lot is stock, like the caliper and the axle and axle hardwear. They run a flame rotor instead of stock. Pretty common.

Getting into the big bikes, "The Bullet" Jeffrey Herlings put together an impressive 1-1 moto score for the overall victory and his first one/one this year.

Jeffrey Herlings: “I felt good all day. The speed of the top ten is unbelievably fast. Everybody is so close to each other and the starts really were key. It was hard to pass Jorge because he was riding defensive lines. I got the opportunity in both motos when he started to get a bit tired. It will be an exciting week, I think. The track could still get rougher to give more opportunities to pass but they did good with the watering and it was safe, which is the most important thing. I’m looking forward to Wednesday.”


Monster Energy Yamaha Rider Jeremy Seewer has been having a great season. He went 2-2 for second overall and moved up to 5th in the points.

Jeremy Seewer: “I feel super good especially being second on a day like this. I didn’t expect it. I was close to the win. Jeffrey (Herlings) was always there. We did take some time to pass Jorge (Prado) but he was riding well until he got a bit tired. But as I said, it’s a tough time for me and I am happy to do my job, and now I am looking forward to having some rest.”

Honda HRC's Tim Gajser was his worst enemy again with crashes leaving him 8-5 moto scores for 6th overall.

Tim Gajser: "I was feeling okay at the beginning, the track looked really good in timed practice and even during the races they kept the track in good shape. It’s just that it was really difficult to pass on the track and the start was the key. The start was really important and today I didn’t get two good starts. I was back in the pack, having to work my way through and I even made two crashes in the first race so that didn’t help. I was really disappointed. The second race was better, the pace was there, just a few seconds from first to fifth but I just couldn’t make the moves I needed to. That’s how it is though, and we still have two more rounds to go here in Faenza, so I will try to put this day out of my mind and focus ahead for the rest of the championship. I know the team will help with this, as they continually help me with all the preparations, so bring on Wednesday!"

By now we've seen shots of the new Honda CRF450R, but more of a good thing can't hurt, right?

HRC might already be playing with different front engine mounts.

Covers keep the sharp pegs from doing damage to shins in the pits. Also, it looks like there are CNC lines on this lower section of the frame.

Factory calipers look so cool. And I'm sure they work really well too, but I don't go fast enough to need them.

Those holes are drilled with some extreme precision.

Nothing billet or factory out back. The caliper looks stock and to have the stock plastic guard.

Honda wants to really protect those Showa A-Kit forks.

Another look at the center port exhaust and high split frame.

Color-coded electronic wizardry. Plus, those tank welds look awesome.

Yoshimura and Honda are like two peas in a pod. We wonder how different this exhaust is from what will be offered on the 2021 CRF450RWE.

Gajser has long been a fan of the Vibram frame grip.

Antonio Cairoli diced and battled hard for 3-3 moto scores giving him third overall on the day.

Tony Cairoli: “I re-grouped from 8th place in the first moto and I saw Jorge and Jeffrey at the front. The pace was fast but I could come closer and Jeremy [Seewer] was also very fast today. I gained a position when Jorge crashed at the end. My start was better in the second moto and I was in 4th even though I made a big mistake on the first lap and nearly went down. That cost me. I had to recover and keep safe because the track was getting a bit harder. I could find some more speed. I tried to attack in the last laps but, overall, I’m happy with 3rd because this kind of track is not really one of my favourites. We have to do another two races here so I hope to improve.”

Romain Febvre had to overcome a couple early crashes in the first moto and his 6-4 moto scores for 4th overall don't do justice to how fast he was riding.

Romain Febvre: “There’s a lot of positive points today apart from my mistake in the first race when I crashed twice as my front brake was blocked in the first crash. I lost twelve seconds in that incident and then came back from thirteenth to sixth; it was a good race and it was impossible to achieve more. The second race was OK. My start wasn’t as good but I gave everything and was the fastest man on track; with a better start and without my mistake a lot was possible today, but I made mistakes and just missed the podium with fourth overall.”

Let's look at Nathan Crawfords Honda CRF250R.
He rides for Honda 114 in the MX2 class.

Up front we can see a major change is going from the stock Showa fork to a KYB unit. Also, they are running Neken clamps and bars. Those red bars look good.

A lot of American brands on there... FMF pipes, Rekluse, Supersprox, Works Connection, Evens, FCP engine hangers. AXP skidplates are French and we normally see them more in the off-road realm since they are so gnarly.

Yamaha's Maxime Renaux had is best MX2 result with 2-1 moto scores giving him 1st on the day.

Maxime Renaux: “It was incredible, one of the best days in my career for sure. I almost took the holeshot in the second race and I managed to lead all of the race. It’s really hot here today but I managed to do it and I am really happy with that first GP win, woo!”

A look at Renaux's YZ250F. A couple things to note... Oversize airbox cover with extra vents, carbon tank, engine mounts, hydro clutch. Its pretty hard to tell if this is a '20 or '21 because the chassis changes were subtle visually. They are running a different cylinder than stock so we can't use the motor as an indicator.

The Akro pipes are always clean.

Renaux's teammate and past winner Jago Geerts was runner up on the day with 1-3 moto scores.

Jago Geerts: “It was a good day today, the first heat I won so I was really happy with that, I felt good and my riding was smooth. In the second heat, I got the holeshot and made a little mistake and went to second and then a few turns later to third. I tried to make some passes, but it was really difficult out there, so I finished third, I am happy with that. I really enjoyed the racing and look forward to the next two races here.”

KTM's Tom Vialle was 3rd in the MX2 class: “In the first moto I was feeling pretty good but then made a mistake which happened so fast that I didn’t really understand what caused it. I lost the front but recovered to 4th and in the second moto Max [Renaux] was riding really well and made a gap on us at the beginning. I worked and made a rhythm to close it up. I pushed so much in the last five laps. The track was hard, with a lot of ruts and I couldn’t find a way through. Overall it was not a bad day.”

Husqvarna's pit is from the future.

Jed Beaton's FC 250.

Oversize rotor bracket on one of the Huskys.

Akro makes great pipes, but maybe even more pretty carbon protection.

F&H Kawasaki's Mathys Boisrame had solid 3-4 moto scores for 4th overall.

Mathys Boisrame: “It was a good day for me. I had a good gate pick with the second position in the timed practice period and my first start was pretty good even if in the first corner another rider hit my clutch lever! I found a good rhythm and was happy with a third position, but then my second start wasn’t as good; I was around the tenth position at first. I came back to fourth but later in the race I had some stomach troubles; but I was able to keep my position so overall I’m happy.”

Speaking of Kawis, here are a few shots of Febvre's KX450.

Probably one of the cleanest fan setups out there.

Got to love the colored carbon.

Unlike the US Kawi team, no external oil cooler. Also, unlike our team over here, they run carbon deflectors on the back of the front fender to keep some dirt out of the radiators.

One more 125 from the EMX125 class. This time the YZ125 of Kay Karssemakers on the MJC Yamaha Official EMX125 Team.

This must be his backup bike. No cone pipe, and the shock body isn't worn down.


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