GP Bits: MXGP of Germany | Round 10 5

An inside look at the tenth round of the 2019 MXGP FIM Motocross World Championship from Teutschenthal, Germany.

GP Bits: MXGP of Germany | Round 10

Even though Cairoli was missing in Germany because of a shoulder injury suffered last weekend, his fans were still supporting him. It is unknown when he's returning to racing.

So were Gajser's fans. They have the best flag game in the business.

The German circuit was rough and rutted. There were way more crashes and tip-overs in both classes than we usually see.

Got to have the chainsaw-with-front-fender dude. He doesn't look super pumped, though.

This round we are looking at some of the EMX125 bikes. Germany is round five for this series. Here is Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing JM's Kay de Wolf's TC 125.

A lot of CF going on here! Much of that protection is common but check out the petcock cover.

Whether a factory racer or weekend warrior, Husqvarna's no tools need air filter set up is just convenient.

Even the 125 kids (de Wolf is 14) get the good stuff.

Nice place for an hour meter.

Cool to see product proudly made in the USA being used around the world.

de Wolf is running the older version of WP's TRAX shock.

A defining feature of the German track is this giant, near-vertical hill. It made for some good scrub action.

Seewer and Paulin show how hairy it can get up there.

With Herlings and Cairoli out for this round, Honda HRC rider Tim Gajser navigated the ruts perfectly to a 1 - 1 finish. "I was enjoying riding on the track this weekend. It was a really technical circuit with deep ruts which made line selection really important. I’m also really happy to take the holeshot in both races, as well as the qualifier yesterday, because we weren’t able to do that in the early part of the season but now we are getting the perfect jump out of the gate. In the first moto I did make a little mistake but I was still able to pick up the bike and remount as the leader, so that went okay. Then in the second race, I didn’t want to push too hard. I pulled out a lead of about five seconds and then kept it smooth because the track was a little sketchy in that second moto. The shadows and the sun was quite low which caused problems on certain parts of the track. However overall I’m very happy to win another overall and to extend my lead in the MXGP championship. I’m feeling really happy with how I rode and how the whole of Team HRC is working together."

Team VRT 3as rider Tom Guyon took the overall in the EMX125 class.

Some trick parts on the little KTM 125 SX.

Doma is a French exhaust system that is rarely seen this side of the pond.

Without e-start and mapping switches, a 125's handlebar is clean and uncluttered.

Is that a price tag on the caliper? Maybe the team needed to buy a new one.

They run the WP's Air Cone Valve. Most top teams run the spring Cone Valve but some racers do like the feel of air.

Here's another look at the ruts with overall runner up Arnaud Tonus of the Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha team.

"This weekend was a bit more challenging because I had a tough qualifying race yesterday, so I was pretty far out on the start and I had to dig deep going into the first corner, but I managed to be inside the top-five in both races. I had a good battle with the Yamaha riders in the first race, but I managed to pass Jeremy on the last lap when he made a mistake, and then I had another good race in Race 2 and was able to finish on the box for a fifth time. It was also amazing to have Gautier up on the podium with me. We have a great atmosphere inside the team, and this is a very special moment for us and the team. I am super happy for him."

Red Bull KTM rider Jeffry Herlings is out for the foreseeable future with a broken ankle but his bike was in the pits in Germany.

He runs the RPM indicator on his fender that most KTM guys have.

The latest version of the WP XACT Pro shock is on his bike, as well as a backup start button tucked out of harm's way.

Standard issue Akro carbon protection.

Herlings is one of the few 450 KTM riders to run carbon engine mounts.

Minimal protection on the master cylinders.

Wilvo Yamaha's Gautier Paulin rounded out the podium in the MXGP class with 5 - 4 moto scores. He's been struggling a little bit over the last few races.

"I can't thank the Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha MXGP Team enough. For the past few weeks it has been tough for me, I have been off the podium. I had a big crash in Portugal and then was unlucky in France and then met the ground again in Russia. Last weekend in Latvia, I felt more like myself, but I didn't reach the points I wanted to, but the feeling was there and it was a good training. It was tough, I had to fight hard for this one, but I know and have known my entire career that nothing comes for free, so I fought and now I am here and it feels great."

American racer Mitchell Harrison finished in a solid 8th overall for the Bud Racing team.

Mitchell Harrison
Mitchell Harrison
Mitchell Harrison

All about that good, good.

Florain Miot of the Team Yamaha MJC squad was seventh overall in the EMX125 class. Let's check out his YZ125.

Trick GYTR parts all over. Plus a carbon tank. Check out the cylinder bolts - drilled out as well.

Technical Touch Europe handles the suspension. Also, carbon subframe. How light can this bike be?

More bling and ti pegs. This might be the lightest dirt bike on the planet.

GYTR head.

Trick guard on the rear master cylinder, with some foam packed in there as well.

Another look at the subframe.

And tank.

Red Bull KTM's Jorge Prado looks unstoppable this season. Another 1 - 1 weekend for the young Spaniard.

Prado's KTM 250 SX-F has a unique spot for its hour meter.

Tom Vialle got the second spot on the overall podium in the MX2 class.

Tom showing some German love.

Same with Jeremy Van Horebeek. Lit Kit?

Lastly we'll look at Oriol Oliver's KTM 125 SX of the RFME MX Junior Team, who got sixth overall in Germany.

HGS exhaust is known for its four-stroke and two-stroke pipes alike.

Pretty cool looking ACD Racing Parts rear sprocket.

Pretty stock looking motor, with KTM Power Parts slave on there.

Another VHM head.