GP Bits: MXGP of Europe | Round 11

We are going to start right in with some sweet bikes! At first glance, this bike is clearly a Kawasaki. That is definitely KX front plastics. But what about those shrouds...

A quick second look shows that this green machine is a KTM 125 SX in disguise.

Bud racing's MX2 team is all on KX250s and their EMX125 wants to look like they are on the same OEM. The front end is neither KX or KTM with Ohlins fork, Bud clamps, and Neken controls. Wondering if those holes are for better air flow, or just for looks.

Some Bud racing goodies sprinkled in with a carbon ignition cover. Plus, like a lot of teams, silicon plug in the shifter tip.

Better look at the insides of the K(X)TM.

We haven't had first-hand experience with Bud Racings heads, but they sure do look good.

The Slovenian Scrub. Honda HRC's Tim Gajser was back on the top step of the podium with 1-2 moto scores.

Tim Gajser: "It’s an amazing feeling to be back on the top step of the podium. I’ve won many motos this year but never an overall, so I’m super happy to have been able to have done that at this round in Mantova. The races were nice, although I did get a little arm-pump towards the end of the first race which made it a little closer than I’d have liked but I still won, so that was good. Then in the second race I had another good start, and passed for the lead almost immediately. Unfortunately, I fell in the middle of the race and dropped back to second. I pushed hard to get the lead back but ended up second for first overall. A big thanks to everyone at Team HRC who have supported me this year and who have kept pushing me towards this goal. Next up is Spain and I can’t wait!"

Have a good race, man!
I want some of that, too!

What is De Wolf's mechanic saying? If you look in his goggles, I don't think he's listening.

Starting blocks help shorter riders, but these are pretty short starting blocks.

Red Bull KTM rider Antonio Cairoli went 5-1 to get second overall.

Tony Cairoli: “I’m very happy of course to get a win but I didn’t feel that great this weekend. My knee has been giving me trouble. I was riding a bit stiff. We made some changes on the bike and I didn’t feel great. 5th was OK in the first moto but it’s not what we want for the championship. I gave everything in the second moto and it was a good race. We need to keep pushing for another month and look towards our goals.”

It doesn't matter where his dad finishes, Baby Cairoli is a smiley dude.

More support for Aminas Jasikonis.

Some guys like to apply graphics with the plastics off the bike. We prefer on, but tomato, tomoto.

That's our kind of luggage.

Romain Febvre's custom lid.

Febvre working the 'crazy chicken' look.

A little love note from the mechanic.

GAGAS rider Glen Coldenhoff was third overall, his best finish for quite a few races.

Glenn Coldenhoff: “It’s always good to be on the podium. Obviously, I would like the top step and with some better starts I think I can be there. I was really happy with my first race. I had some nice lines and it all came together towards the end and I was really close at the finish. Overall, this is a good result, but we always want more. With the team we’ll work on starts this week and be ready for Spain.”

Mechanics these days need a degree in electrical engineering. You can see the backup stater button in case the bar-mounted button is damaged. It is always impressive to see how clean these bikes are, no dirt anywhere.

And this is a reason why. If you want to get your radiators like new, take them off and scrub them down.

Mitch Evans was in the top five overall this MXGP with 4-8 moto scores.

Astars keeping Seewer's pants fresh.

And Shoei with the custom helmet paint.

Do NOT interrupt a suspension guy when he is counting clicks!

In the MX2 class, Jago Geerts was back to his winning ways with a 2-1 moto score giving him first overall.

Jago Geerts: “It was a difficult week in Mantova for me, but it ended on a really good note with the GP win on Sunday. I’m feeling good, my shoulder is okay and after a relatively easy week I will be ready for Spain for sure. There is not much space between the GP's for a lot of training so for me it’s about being smart and try to recover well for the next races.”

Jago's machine getting some serious TLC.

Carbon tank, but not carbon subframe.

The Euro teams really like their lift stands.

We don't need to know what language they speak to know they are speaking 'motorcycle.'

Let's get a closer look at Team Maddii Racing Husqvarna Mattia Guadagnini's FC 250.

They have an extra ignition cover cover along with the typical KTM/Husky carbon guards.

SMT clutch with an allen wrench oil fill cap.

Full carbon fiber rear end.

Moving to Thomas Kjer Olsen's FC 250, check out all the holes in the composite subframe.

More Bud Racing bling this time on Locurcio's EMX250 machine.
They are going with aluminum front engine mounts instead of steel or ti.

Febvre's machine getting a bath.

Red Bull KTM's Tom Vialle swapped moto scores with Geerts to get the same points, but second overall with 1-2 scores.

Tom Vialle: “It was quite a good day. I felt great on the bike in the morning and the first moto went really well, except for a few mistakes on the waves section that meant Jago could catch me, but I knew I had some more speed and I was really happy to win that one. In the second moto I overtook Ben Watson quite fast and then Jago was there again. I really tried to push on the last three laps and I was pretty close at the end. Anyway, 2nd was enough today and we took more points for the championship.”

Olsen was a consistent 4-4 to get the last step of the MX2 podium in Italy.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I’m really happy with my performance this week. Two overall wins and then a third overall today, I’m really happy with my week in Italy. Today wasn’t the best result after winning the last two rounds but I tried my best and my riding was good. It’s such a good feeling to be on the podium again and I’m looking forward to Spain next weekend.”

We'll wrap up with a look at Ivano Van Erp's Yamaha YZ125 from the EMX125 class.

The EMX125 class has probably the coolest 125s in the world. You don't see GYTR pipes over here.

More GYTR goodies.

Keeping those lugs from being sandblasted to death.

Holy cow! That is a sweet cnc'd front brake lever assembly!

Going with the Xtrig PHDS mounts to soften the sharp hits.

Italy, we out. Next stop, Espana!

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