GP Bits: MXGP of Citta di Mantova | Round 10

All photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo

Most riders where showing support for Jasikonis with the yellow sticker and his logo.
Good news is that he is awake, talking, and moving. Reports are positive that he will recover.

Things can get a little crowded on pit lane.

An awesome race for Kawasaki rider Romain Febvre. His 3-1 moto score nabbed him the overall victory.

Romain Febvre: “ It's so nice to win again; I have been waiting for this moment all season and I knew it was only a matter of time! We did a wonderful job with the team since I joined them. Until today the speed was always there but that last small factor was missing to get podiums; sometimes I crashed, sometimes there was race incidents, but finally today I had all the pieces of the puzzle. The first race went well; I was feeling good and I was ready to attack the two leaders but then I developed some arm-pump as I was riding too tense. I felt that third was my place so I didn’t try anything stupid. My second start was perfect! I got the holeshot from the inside gate and that always makes life easier as you can ride your own race; I was sure that I could win on this track if I didn’t make any mistakes. Tim (Gajser) tried several times to challenge me but it was not easy to pass here and in the end he made a mistake; after that I had no more pressure - though I have to admit I felt some stress when I was alone leading the race - but I knew that I had the win in my hands and we did it. A big thanks to the team who have always been behind me; they work so hard and I have so much fun riding this bike. My first victory with Kawasaki but hopefully not the last!"

Glen Coldenhoff's Astars Red Bull helmet looks good.

Some custom decals for last week's winner, Jeremy Seewer.

That's a big starting block.

Cairoli's Atojos getting cleaned up.

Red Bull KTM's Jorge Prado saw another moto victory paired with a 6th in moto two which landed him in the second spot overall.

Jorge Prado: “The first moto was perfect with a perfect start and I kept my mistakes to a minimum. I thought I had everything right at the second start but the guys came up the inside and I almost crashed together with Romain [Febvre]. I think I was ninth, or something similar, but got up to a good position for the overall win when I stalled the bike and lost two positions. I charged all the way to the finish and I was happy with my riding. No win but two podiums here now so it was a good day. Hopefully we can take the win next weekend.”

Prado navigating first turn traffic.

Find someone who smiles at you like Glenn smiles at his girl.

Clement Desalle's Astars lid got the camo treatment.

Antonio Cairoli rode consistently to get 4th overall with 4-4 moto scores.

A heavy crash in the MXGP of Lombardia over the weekend left him with a broken nose.

Tony Cairoli: “I didn’t expect to ride so well. My nose doesn’t bother me for pain, but it is trickier for breathing. I was also losing some balance. So, the motos were pretty good. I didn’t make many mistakes and we stayed at the front – this is good for the championship especially.”

Tim Gajser had a solid Wednesday race with 5-3 moto scores landing him on the last step of the podium.

Holeshot, engage!

Tim Gajser: "It wasn’t a bad day as I was still able to finish on the podium but still, I wasn’t completely happy with my riding today. I didn’t have the best start in race one and in the first lap I made a couple of passes but then I was just following Antonio and it was difficult to make any passes. We were all riding the same speed and I ended up fifth. In the second moto I got a better start, in second place behind Romain and I was pushing hard trying to pass him. I had a couple of spots where I was faster but I couldn’t make a pass and then I made a mistake which dropped me to third. I tried to regain second place but ran out of tear-offs when I was pushing for the pass with a couple of laps left and instead had to settle for third, ending up third overall. Still, I have the red plate and that is important after every round."

Courtney Duncan got the overall in the WMX race: “It was an unbelievable day. I’m so proud of the way the whole team were able to put that big crash on Saturday behind us, focus and regroup. We changed a few things after the first moto and my 2021 hooked up real good out of the gate in race two. I rode an aggressive first lap; that was important for me to be able to ride my own race and close the points gap. We’re back standing on the top step of the podium and - most important - to close the points gap. We don’t have too many races so it was vital to go out there and bank those points today. I’ll stay in England until the last race; I didn’t have too much time yet on the 2021, so we can improve even more there. I’m excited for Arco – bring it on!“

We saw her bike last round but here is a few more shots. Again, the biggest difference on her '21 KX250 is the WP suspension.

With the KX450 chassis and bodywork, larger radiators are part of the deal. These look like they are extended but that's how big they are on a stock KX250.

Her team runs DVR exhausts... Haven't had any experience with this brand.

Different WP lugs than what we see on KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS.

That missing engine hanger bolt is no bueno. She probably had a little too much flex after that came out.

In the MX2 class, early-season leader Jago Geerts had tons of speed, and tons of crashes. Hitting the dirt multiple times in both motos kept him back in 7th overall.

Jago Geerts: “It was a difficult day. The first heat I took the holeshot, I was feeling pretty good but then I had two small crashes and I finished eighth. In the second race I didn’t get a really good start but my riding was really good and I came back to second. I was closing in on Vialle and I think with three laps to go I wanted to pass him, and then he cut me off on the start line and I crashed. I think I started again in fifth and finished fifth. It was a difficult day today, but Sunday will be a new day and a new chance.”


Jordi Tixier giving Jeremy Van Horebeek the look-over.

Checking out one of the EMX250 KTM 250 SX-Fs, we see a couple things going on. First is the cooling fins on the rear caliper...

Another thing is this "over suspension" device from Supreme Technology. Cursory research shows that this cylinder has a weight supported by a spring that is supposed to counteract irregular suspension movement. Looks like it was developed more for road applications but, can't knock it till you try it.

Boost button.
And map switch.

Another great ride for Rockstar Energy Husqvarna's Thomas Kjer Olsen. A 1-2 moto score gave him the overall victory.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “It’s amazing. I just feel like my old self now, which is a great feeling. I’m able to attack the track and my bike is so good so I just feel awesome now. The first moto took a little bit out of me, but I dug deep in that second moto. Last weekend helped me with my confidence massively and I believe in myself again. It’s unfortunate that we had a tough start to the year but it’s great to be back on the podium and winning again.”

Tom Vialle getting loose chasing Maxime Renaux. Vialle would come home with 3-1 moto finishes for second overall.

Tom doesn't look like he's listening to whatever that guy is saying.

Tom Vialle: “A good day. I completely missed the start in first race and after a while I managed to get going: then I was riding good. At the end I made a small mistake and Thomas was able to pass me. I really wanted that holeshot in the second, and once out front I led all the moto. Jago caught me a little bit but then he made a mistake and I could take it easy at the end. I’d really happy to be back on the podium again.”

That HGS exhaust can is pretty sweet, and those clamps (brand unknown) must be after a little flex with the top and bottom cut-outs. For anyone running plastic frame protectors on their KTM, might want to pop them off to make sure your paint is still there.

Cool to see Conrad Mewse break the top five overall in the MX2 class.

Rookie GASGAS rider Isak Gifting was running up front and showing impressive speed, but hit the ground too often to stay in a good position. He came away with 8th overall.

Isak Gifting: “Today was a good day. I pulled the holeshot in race one so that was great and then I nearly led a lap before crashing. I think I was just a little nervous up front but to be up front is a great feeling. I then had to work my way up from around 17th and finished 10th so I was quite happy with that. I didn’t get such a great start in race two but worked my way up to an eighth-place finish so overall it was a great day. I fought hard in both motos and scored good points, so I look forward to Sunday.”

See you Monday!

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