GP Bits: MXGP of Citta di Faenza | Round 7

All photos by Juan Pablo Acevedo 

Drop the gate!

Let's get right into the bikes. As requested here is a look at Fantic XX125 ridden by Andrea Bonacorsi in the EMX125 class.

As we reported earlier this year, Fantic has teamed up with Yamaha to make the XX125. It is essentially a YZ125 with a custom built motor from Fantic, who've been in the small-bore two-stroke game a long time.

We don't know exactly what Fantic does to the stock YZ motors but the same can be said for pretty much any race bike.

The pipe is made in-house at Fantic.

The plastics and seat are also different from the YZ125.

That is a lot of carbon fiber for that tank.

The Fantic XX125 is for sale in Europe, but it is not clear if we can get them over here.


Unfortunately, MXGP class points leader Jeffrey Herlings had awkward crash where he landed on his head and neck. Here is the official update from the team. "While Herlings was fortunate to escape serious injury, the hard landing means he needs to rest and monitor the state of his upper torso in the next two weeks. He is due to have another MRI on September 29th. The date means he will miss the next four rounds of the series. The Mantova circuit will stage a triple header in one week at the end of this month."

Jorge Prado got his first overall victory since joining the big boys in the MXGP class this year with 2-2 moto scores.

Jorge Prado: “A podium in Latvia was already a big achievement for me. It is so tough to win because you need to put two good motos together and those guys are pushing hard. I made two good starts and then had two mistakes but I gave it my ‘all’. I was done afterwards! I’m very happy. Unfortunately getting hurt is part of the sport but I wish Jeffrey was here today racing and I hope he is back on the bike quickly.”

Thor is getting a little extra creative with Prado's jersey.

Tim Gajser of Honda HRC went 5-1 to nab second overall. Digging that helmet/goggle combo.

Tim Gajser: "It was a good feeling to get back out and winning races again. I’ve had some bad luck in the last few rounds, and even again today but I’m extremely happy with how that second moto went. The first moto I wasn’t able to push as much as I wanted but I was riding well and was still able to come out in fifth. I wanted to really show everyone again just how fast I can be in race two and I think with the victory I am back to where I want to be and standing in a good position in the championship battle. Now I just need to continue this with two good starts on Sunday and if I manage that, I’m sure I will get a good result."

Romain Febvre getting worked on...
and living his best life.

I guess they do the axle in the muffler trick over there too.

No rest for the tire guys.

Jeremy Seewer is on a roll. 1-7 moto scores earned him 3rd overall.

Butt patch #1.

Or butt patch #2?

Why does Cairoli always look so intense.

Tony Cairoli: “It was difficult today. My goal for these three GPs here was to finish on the podium each time as I tend to struggle a bit more on these kinds of tracks. We made it last Sunday and just missed out by one point today. It’s not the best result but, overall, I’m quite happy and next Sunday we’ll have another chance. We have to stay calm and look to take good points every time.”

Dialing in the Cairoli machine.

Do you like Ciaroli's jersey or Prado's best?

With solid finishes earlier in the season, Glen Coldenhoff of Standing Construct GASGAS is still getting into the top ten, but not showing the same speed.

You can see that Coldenhoff prefers the Xtrig style split clamps (more square and opposing clamp bolts) while Monticelli has the KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS factory clamps (more rounded, clamp bots on the same side).

The 250 team runs Neken bars rather than the Renthals on the 450 bikes.

Here's a closer look at Jeremy Van Horebeek's 2020 Honda CRF450R.

Looks like his HGS exhaust has an all-new header design.

You can see the rounded resonance chamber on the back-up bike that we are used to seeing from HGS.

We won't be seeing double for much longer.

He must be hard on graphics and plastics with those carbon guards.
On both sides.

They are running KYB instead of Showa, and it looks like that frame still has warning stickers on it.

KTM's Tom Vialle pulled a holeshot and a 1-1 on the day to make for simple calculations on an overall victory.

Tom Vialle: “It was a perfect day. I’m really happy with how I rode. I was really focused and didn’t make any mistakes. It was a track that punished you if you got it wrong. This is the first time I made a 1-1 and that’s a big step. The team did a really good job and we’ll go again on Sunday.”

Maxime Renaux had another great race with 3rd overall going 2-4 on the day.

It was good to see Thomas Kjer Olsen back in the mix at the front of the races. He had 4-3 moto scores to get on the third step of the podium.

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “I’m really happy to be back on the podium. I’m happy for my team too as they’ve supported me through my injuries and it’s great to be able to pay them back with a podium result. I’d been missing a little bit of aggression since we started racing again but I found it again today and I think that’s what helped me get these results. We also made some slight changes to the bike before race one to help me get more comfy on the track and they really paid off. Race two was a little sketchy with the watering but I just bided my time and let the race come to me and I pushed through to third at the finish. Third overall. Yeah, I’ll take that. I was looking to just improve on last weekend so third place overall is awesome.”

With modern four-strokes, the thought of doing a dope end is more stressful than just swapping the whole motor. Not the case here. Also, check out the Ohlins fork, cool triple clamp, and carbon air box.

Isn't that a quote from a Hallmark movie?

I think this is just good life advice right now.

Keeping the rubber clean.

Masks make everything seem way more serious.

Arminas Jasikonis has a pretty middle of the road length header on his machine. Jealous of those black engine cases.

Not wire-ties on the spokes, really small zip-ties.

Errbody got a logo these days.

That's all for the mid-week MXGP!

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