GP Bits: MXGP of Asia | Round 12

An inside look at the twelfth round of the 2019 MXGP FIM Motocross World Championship from Semarang.

GP Bits: MXGP of Asia | Round 12

American Mitchell Harrison was 11th overall in Semarang. Two other things stand out in this photo. One, the lack of other riders because there were only 19 MX2 riders on the gate. Second is the dirt. It looks tacky and nice, but it is super hard pack and slick.

Honda HRC's pulled double wins yet again. His early-season habit of hitting the ground in the motos has really subsided in the recent races.

Tim Gajser: I was having fun on both days this weekend. Unfortunately yesterday I had a crash in timed practice and I hurt my right ankle a little bit, but other than a bit of pain yesterday, it was certainly a great weekend again. In the first moto I had a great start, taking the holeshot and leading the whole race. In the second one, I started third and made quick pass, and then made another one a bit later in lap one before making a gap to control the race. I was really having fun out there although the track was a little slippery in some places, but I still got two moto wins so I can’t complain! I’m trying not to put pressure on myself on each weekend and I know if I can have fun, I can ride really fast and that seems to be working right now. It is also an honour to have the biggest win-streak for a Honda rider in world motocross, a lot of really talented riders have ridden on this great brand and it is amazing to have achieved this. I hope I can keep it going for as long as possible, and I must also thank Team HRC for helping me out so much and giving me all the support I need in order to do this.

Gajser's teammate in the MX2 class, Calvin Vlaanderen got his first podium this weekend with 5 - 3 moto scores.

Calvin Vlaanderen: "In one way this podium was a bit of a surprise, but in another way, I feel like I’ve ridden well enough this year to have deserved to be on the box before. Obviously it is only my second race back from injury so I feel like I can improve even further both in speed and in my physical condition but I did feel really good this weekend. I tried to save a little bit of energy from yesterday, to make sure I could ride better today and it worked out well. I could push in both motos, which I couldn’t last weekend so already I have improved in one week so I just want to continue building and building. It was fun to be out there, with some good battles in both races and I enjoyed the whole weekend."

Since he got his first podium, let's look at Vlaanderen's Honda CRF250R.

The first thing that stands out is the custom cases that have oil cooler lines ready to go. You can also see an extra start button upside down on the frame spar by the cylinder head. A carbon fiber subframe is nice. and, holy crap he runs his brake pedal crazy high.

Custom carbon brake protection and a sweet billet front brake caliper, polished to perfection. You can also see some safety wiring going on with the brake hose bolt and hanger bolt.

The magnesium cases always look sweet on the Hondas. Also, unlike some of the other MX2 teams, HRC's Yoshimura spec only has a resonance chamber on one side. A simple thing, but the cut out in the plastics for the factory Showa shock (as also seen on Gajser's bike) is pretty rad.

That tank looks quite familiar...

You could say that the heat was a factor.

Cooldown and prewash your bike at the same time.

When you don't have an umbrella, you improvise.

In the US, Dunlop is the tire giant but it isn't as dominant in Europe.
That being said, more and more teams are running Dunlops these days.

Wilvo Yamaha rider Arnaud Tonus continues to impress with his solid rides and consistent podiums. Moto scores of 2 - 3 were good enough for 2nd overall.

Even though Monster Energy Kawasaki's Julien Lieber has been out the last couple rounds rehabbing a broken elbow, we'll take a look at his KX450.

As I always like to point out, more carbon fiber subframe action here. Also tucked behind the radiator is a very radiator-like oil cooler. This is in contrast to the US teams left side oil cooler.

Those brake guards look to be the same as the Tomac and Savatgy's.

Do polished frames ever not look good? Also, that left radiator is massive.

A relatively uncluttered handlebar set up going on here. Looks like a map switch on the left side. Running a carbon tank and you can get a better look at the oil cooler radiator.

Overall the Monster Energy Kawasaki teams in both the MXGP and US Nationals look very similar. But the bikes are quite different overall. Here you can also see the front fender flares on the back/bottom section to direct front wheel roost away from the radiators.

Monster Energy Yamaha's Jeremy Seewer has been making a late season surge landing on the overall podium with 3 - 4 moto scores.


Standing Construct KTM's Max Anstie had a solid showing in Semarang getting into the top five.

Max Anstie's KTM 450 SX-F has HGS exhaust with a massive head pipe. They must be going for as much bottom end as they can get.

As per usual, the KTM race bikes don't get too many crazy mods (that we can see, at least). Anstie is one of the few 450 riders to run carbon engine hangers. There isn't even a fan or external cooler.

With KTMs coming from the showroom floor so light, we haven't really seen any teams running carbon tanks. Same with Standing Construct.

Teammates getting mixed signals.

Red Bull KTM's Jorge Prado lit up the victory flames twice to land him first overall... Again. Jorge Prado: “I made two very good motos today and felt better in the second one. I had a good flow and lap-times for half of the race and then started to feel a bit dizzy so I slowed down and kept riding. So I’m happy for the weekend. The track preparation was better today; there were more ruts and it was more fluid. I saw that Thomas crashed in that second moto so I hope he is OK and we can return to our battles at the next GP.”


Red and white and black backgrounds, just in case.

Tom Vialle's bike gets torn down. Even his mechanic's workbench has custom graphics.

A little 'oh crap' moment for Vialle who took second overall in the MX2 class with 2 - 4 moto scores.


Thomas Kjer Olsen's FC 250. Thomas didn't have the race he wanted with crashes this weekend.

450 Husky pits. Got to keep things organized with the tight pits in Semarang.

The pits sort of look like zoo enclosures.

Good look at the guts of Tonus' machine.

Throwin' shade... That's it for this week.

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