Florida Scene Check At Tim Ferry's Compound 1

It'd been nearly ten years since our last visit to Timmy Ferry's place. While in Florida, we stopped by to see what was new. The answer? A lot! Check out maybe the best kept secret in the area.

After last weekend's action in Tampa, we stopped by the Dade City zone to visit Timmy Ferry's Compound, the training zone for Martin Davalos, Hayden Mellross, Lane Shaw, Jalek Swoll, and more. While maybe not as well-known as some of the other tracks in Florida, it's undergone a big transformation since our last visit there, and was minty fresh the day we were out there. That's a departure from the normal conditions, where they like to let the corners get rough and rutted.


Tim said he used to prep the gate at his original track with this shovel...which should give you an idea of how long he's had his track.

As of now, Lane Shaw may be better-known as the guy who threw it away in the 250 LCQ in Arlington, but he's impressed quite a few people with his speed, and he's been working with Tim for a bit now.

Hayden Mellross was putting in long motos while we were there.

Jalek Swoll is getting ready for some of the big upcoming amateur events, and was laying down fast laps coated in heavy style.

Martin Davalos was MIA while we were there, due to the back injuries that he suffered in the first turn crash in Arlington...and powered through while racing in Tampa. He's been working with Tim for the last couple of seasons, with good results.

Check out the video above, and let us know what you think.

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