Five Things That Make The Vital MX Dream Bike Awesome!

Free dirt bike? Yep! Here are our favorite parts on the Vital MX 2019 Honda CRF250R Dream Bike.

Five Things That Make The Vital MX Dream Bike Awesome!

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1. Factory Connection Suspension

Having the suspension done on a stock bike to match your speed, weight and riding style can make a world of difference. But it isn’t always a cheap mod, and if you go the budget route and use a less than stellar suspension builder, you might not see any performance gains. Yet if you win this Honda CRF250R, not only will you get it revalved, tuned, and resprung just for you, it will be done by Factory Connection - the guys that probably know CRF250Rs the best.

Factory Connection Suspension

2. Wiseco Racer Elite High-Comp Piston

The 2019 Honda CRF250R is a great bike, but there were a few things that kept it from the top of our 2019 250F Shootout. In the engine department, it revs much higher and longer than previous Honda 250s, but that comes at a cost of bottom-end hit and torque down low. One of the first mods we would do ourselves to this bike would be a high comp piston, and that’s exactly what is in this machine.

Wiseco Racer Elite Piston

3. Yoshimura Signature RS-9T Ti-Ti-CF Dual Full System

C’mon! There are few things cooler than dual aftermarket full exhausts. Yosh knows Hondas and has been working with the factory race team for years. A full titanium/carbon system is not only way lighter than stock, but it also wakes up the power across the board.

Yoshimura Dual Full Exhaust System

Yoshimura Dual Full Exhaust System

4. Dubya Wheels, Talon hubs and D.I.D. rims

As we talked about in this wheel video with John Anderson at Dubya USA, stock wheels are acceptable for your average rider, most of the time. But even a mellow motocrosser can dent rims, break spokes and, if they hit something big, have hub issues. Aftermarket wheels are a must-have for racers because they are just plain stronger than what comes stock on a bike. Billet hubs, stronger spokes, and stronger rims all add up to peace of mind and more performance on the track. Plus, they just look sweet.

Dubya Wheels
Dubya Wheels

5. FLO Motorsports Jet Fuel Foot Pegs

Stock pegs are heavy and have very conservative grip. OEMs don’t want you slicing your shins open or to be responsible for chewing up your boots. Yet we think you can get extra grip, less weight, and don’t have to worry about the two aforementioned issues with the aluminum FLO Motorsports Jet Fuel Foot Pegs. The cone-shaped cleats have a fat top so they aren’t going to slice you or your boots, but they are way better than stock peg teeth that get rounded off pretty quick. Also, they use a top quality German Grade 7075 T6 aluminum alloy that is stronger than titanium.

FLO Motorsports Foot Pegs

6. BONUS… It’s Free To Sign Up!

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