Five Cool Things About Vital MX's Dream Bike can win this bike for free...

Want a fresh bike sitting in your garage this summer? Well we've got the machine of your dreams waiting to be won. Check out a few cool things about our 2018 Honda CRF450R, which we're giving away! Remember to head over to to sign up for a chance to win.

First Cool Thing About Dream Bike - Shootout Winner

Well this is a fairly obvious one but still awesome, our Honda CRF450R Dream Bike is the winner of our 2018 450 Shootout. The bike that our crew agreed was the best 450 off the showroom floor. So before we got our hands on it, it was already one heck of a machine.

To check out our 2018 450 Shootout, click the link: (2018 Vital MX 450 Shootout).

Second Cool Thing About Dream Bike - More Power!

While a 450 already has some serious grunt, we wanted to give it a little more. Thanks to crew at Millennium Technologies and Wiseco, we bumped up the compression with a new piston and ported the cylinder head to make sure you're never asking for more.

For some more power for yourself, hit up and

Third Cool Thing About Dream Bike - Stopping Quicker

With more power and higher speeds, means there's a need to bring things back down from the sound barrier from time-to-time. For this, we worked with Galfer to equip their best goodies; including a 280mm lightweight Tsunami front rotor kit, braided steel line, and brake pads, along with a Tsunami wave rear rotor. Both ends being covered by their top of the line materials.

Want some extra stopping power? Head over to

Fourth Cool Thing About Dream Bike - Factory-Like Adjustability

Factory teams have drawers of parts and one of those you can find in multiples is link arms, some for ever half of a millimeter in length. Zeta on the other hand can get you all that but in one link, offering up to ten different lengths with an offset insert which is spun to change the hole distance. So who needs that factory truck full of parts? The winner of this bike won't...

To check out what other products Zeta offers, hit up

Fifth Cool Thing About Dream Bike - It's Free to Sign Up For!

Yup, the Dream Bike is free to sign up for. Just head over to to enter to win this bike and our monthly prizes, the Grand Prize drawing will be after signups close at midnight on July 16th. Good luck!


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