Five Cool Things About Vital MX's Dream Bike 6

We have things to show you about our Dream Bike...

Want a fresh bike sitting in your garage this summer? Well we've got the machine of your dreams waiting to be won. Check out a few cool things about our 2018 Honda CRF450R, which we're giving away! Remember to head over to to sign up for a chance to win.

First Cool Thing About Dream Bike - Suspension for You

The winner of Dream Bike not only receives our 2018 Honda CRF450R, but they also get the suspension set-up for themselves. After the winner is chosen, Race Tech is going to tune, valve, and spring the suspension for that individual, meaning their first ride will be like they're riding on a cloud.

To learn more about Race Tech, take a visit to

Second Cool Thing About Dream Bike - A Little Extra Comfort

It's been on the market for a couple years now and it's a product we quite like (Product Review here), it originally made its debut in the US aboard Ryan Dungey's factory KTM and it's pretty trick to say the least. Aftermarket triple clamps can take away some of the comfort of stock clamps and their flex characteristics, but Neken's SFS attempts to add to the comfort by giving you air/oil dampened bar mounts. Better yet, the air pressure can be adjusted to change how stiff or soft the mini shocks in the clamps are.

Interested in a set? Learn more at or check out your local Parts Unlimited dealer.

Third Cool Thing About Dream Bike - So Much Carbon

Who doesn't love carbon fiber? Well thanks to the crew at P3 Carbon, the Dream Bike is equipped with not only a carbon fiber skidplate, it also has a fuel tank cover, disc guard, and even some shroud extenders. Personally, the shroud extenders are our favorite...pure factory-ness. 

Looking to get your hands on some for yourself? Check out

Fourth Cool Thing About Dream Bike - Factory Engine Mounts

It has a bit of factory, as we were able to source some engine mounts that have been tested by HRC Honda. The top engine hangers flex more than stock to give the chassis more comfort, as they're CNC'd out of aluminum with a specific sized cut-out. As for the front mounts, they're made from titanium and are more rigid than the stockers. This gives the front end of the bike a bit more feel and increased traction.

Want some factory-like goodies? Email to learn more.

Fifth Cool Thing About Dream Bike - It's Free to Sign Up For!

Yup, the Dream Bike is free to sign up for. Just head over to to enter to win this bike and our monthly prizes, the Grand Prize drawing will be after signups close at midnight on July 16th. Good luck!


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