First Look: Montra MX Gear 9

Another player in the compression gear game.

We don’t want to piss off anyone and claim that we’ve heard of every gear brand on the planet, but as far as modern motocross gear goes there are only a few “compression” gear options, the main one being Seven MX Gear. You could say that some of the slim-fit, super stretchy gear choices from Thor, Fly, Fox, Shift, and others are close, but aren’t quite what we are talking about - a tight, baselayer-like long sleeve jersey with an over jersey or vest. Strikt is another gear company that has been around a little bit and has recently come out with a similar set up.

But this video is with a very new motocross gear brand, Montra MX. Their first line of gear, while not unappealing, didn’t stand out from the hundreds of other sets of gear on the market. Yet what sparked our interest is Montra’s new line of gear, the Ozone Compression Gear. We’ve all seen compression athletic clothing on all sorts of different professional athletes, from football players to endurance athletes to weightlifters. But other than a few outliers, it hasn’t really taken off in moto. While the price is a little more reasonable now, one of the major hurdles was the original prices of Seven MX’s gear which were way higher than most premier level gear sets.

We caught up with Jason and Justin from Montra MX to ask a few questions about their gear and how it is different than other motocross gear that is currently available. This is what they had to say.

To learn more about this gear, go to and if you have worn any Seven MX Gear head to our Product Guide to leave a review.



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