First Look: MSR Reflex Knee/Shin Guards

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Sure, when you first start riding motocross, a pair of simple shin guards with knee cups (about $15) is about the minimum you need for knee and shin protection...and many advanced riders wouldn't think of taking to the track without a set of high-digit ($500+) knee braces. But what about the vast territory in between those two extremes?

We recently received a set of new MSR Reflex knee/shin guards to check out, and were impressed with the design and construction. Components include a high-impact polycarbonate shin guard, nylon knee cup, and a polypropylene thigh protector, all mated together with sets of smooth-working pivots. The design provides full coverage from ankle to mid-thigh, whether your knee is locked out straight, or fully bent. There aren't any gaps or holes in, whether saving you from a footpeg to the shin (yeah, your boots handle much of that coverage, but the extra layer of protection is good), or banging your thigh on your clutch perch.

MSR Reflex

The speed buckles, combined with the "set and forget" velcro straps, make installation fast and easy.

They install quickly and easily, using a trio of speed buckles, combined with set-and-forget Velcro straps. Once you adjust them the first time, they go on quickly the next time around. The straps also feature a wide neoprene pad, backed with terrycloth for comfort.

On the inside of the Reflex knee/shin guards, perforated foam pads along the shin and thing keep things comfortable against your skin, and allow them to breathe while allowing sweat to escape. The pads are also unsnap for washing, though you'll have to undo the four pivot bolts to remove the kneepad section. The knee area is covered with a neoprene pad covered in terrycloth, and the knee cup is lined with a thick layer of memory foam to prevent your kneecap from contacting the plastic.

MSR Reflex

Low-profile, and vastly better than nothing at all.

The low-profile design fits well under riding gear, and all things considered, the $64.94 suggested retail seems quite reasonable, considering the design, and level of coverage.

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