Gaerne SG12 Vital Motocross
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Gaerne's SG10 has been the flagship boot in their line for quite a while, but they're well on the way to the public launch of its successor, the SG12. We got at the new version out in Las Vegas, where quite a few of the Gaerne-sponsored riders were racing with the new boot for the first time.

Gaerne SG12 Vital Motocross
There's plenty of additional plastic on the SG12, and the pro riders that we talked to are big fans of the new design, for its light weight, gripping capabilities, protection, and looks.

Gaerne's Bob Rathkamp provided some of the details about what makes it different from previous versions. "It's basically a refinement of the previous boot (the SG10), and the grip guard on the inside is larger, lighter, and designed to be smooth so that it doesn't hook the bike. It also has a smaller toe box and is lighter."

The ankle pivot has also been redesigned, which was something that Lites East Supercross Champion, Trey Canard, was excited about. "I like that the pivot isn't right on my anle bone, so it's not putting pressure on it." Trey also mentioned that he thought it was slightly harder to break in, but he felt that it was for the better. Besides the repositioned pivot, the SG12 also features a dual pivot system, with a stop built into it like you get with a knee brace. That should help reduce some pressure on your ankles from especially hard landings.

Like the SG10, the new SG12 has a carbon shank in the sole to help protect your feet. The dual durometer Vibram sole is a new design, and is replaceable. Up top, there's a new gaitor that's designed to help keep dirt out of the boot.

According to Ryan Dungey, "It's definitely a little lighter. Gripping the bike is a lot easier, too. It molds to your bike better, as far as really getting in there and getting a good tight grip on your bike. The first day out of the box, breaking in isn't even an issue."

Ryan Dungey Vital Motocross
Ryan Dungey took the win in the Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Shootout.

Gaerne's still working on tooling (each set of tooling covers two boot sizes), so it'll still be a while before they're available. Look for them this Fall. Cost? They hadn't worked out pricing yet, but with their Italian manufacturing, and the way the dollar is valued compared to the Euro, they'll definitely be on the pricey side. We know plenty of riders who swear by the SG10s thanks to its comfort and protective qualities, so we're looking forward to getting our hands on a pair of these to test.

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