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The 50s for the next generation are here!

Vital MX: One year ago at the 2017 EICMA show, KTM and Husqvarna announced their intentions of producing an electric competitor to their own 50cc gas powered motorcycles. At this year's show, both brands have unveiled the finish versions of these bikes as they head into market for the 2019 season/2020 model year. Scroll down to learn more about the details of these new machines and if they'll suit your little girl or guy who's getting into moto. With the adjustable size of the bikes and different power modes, we can imagine these bikes will be quite the success and a great learning tool for the next generation.

First up, you'll find Husqvarna's EE 5 and below that you'll get a peak at KTM's SX-E 5...the future of KTM's KJSC program?

Husqvarna Press Release

A pioneering mindset means you don’t wait for the future to be invented and then merely adapt, adopt and refine. A pioneer relishes the opportunity to shape the future and to be a part of defining a new path. Husqvarna Motorcycles exists to provide the most progressive and effortless riding experiences to those who see value in riding. Finding new ways to translate, deliver and execute the riding experience is of high importance to the brand. Everyday, Husqvarna Motorcycles welcomes the chance to create more, move in new directions and challenge our engineers to pioneer a future that embraces the simple thrill of riding a motorcycle. 

Husqvarna EE 5: The EE 5 is Husqvarna Motorcycles’ first step in electric mobility and draws on the brand’s rich motocross history combined with modern, pioneering technology. 5 represents the kilowatt output and while CC refers to cubic centimeters on fuel-driven bikes, EE stands for ‘Electric  Engine’ on this model. It is a fully-fledged competition machine that capably rivals its 50cc fuel-powered counterparts, offering more for young riders starting out in the world of dirt biking. Fully adaptable and adjustable, it is an easy to use motorcycle with the ability to evolve with a rider as he grows in size and ability. It features the latest high-quality componentry and a design that clearly identifies with Husqvarna Motorcycles’ values. Apart from being environmentally friendly, the low noise emission makes the motorcycle less intimidating to  younger riders and offers the possibility to learn in the comfort of a familiar environment, like home. Charged up for more possibilities Start  with  more  confidence


  • State-of-the-art electric motor with 5 kW peak performance
  • 6 different ride modes, easy to select
  • 907 Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Quick charging
  • High-end chassis with race proven technology
  • Modern, Swedish inspired design
  • Ergonomic bodywork & adjustable seat height
  • WP suspension – XACT air fork and a WP rear shock - for advanced performance and control 



The permanent magnet electric motor features an advanced design and excellent reliability. Producing a peak power of 5 kW, the motor is powered by 84 Li-Ion cells, which provide a capacity of 907 Whin a low 48V configuration. An intelligent, state-of-the-art control unit is integrated within the package and guarantees a spontaneous, but controllable power delivery. The use of an electric motor means there is one permanent drive, eliminating the need for a clutch or gearbox. This results in a simple and uncomplicated riding experience for young riders. 

Electric motor 

Producing a peak power of 5 kW, the permanent magnet motor features an extremely compact and slim design that is well suited to the smaller chassis. Due to its dust and waterproof layout the air-cooled motor is wear-and maintenance-free. The integrated control unit (ECU) guarantees a direct but very controllable power delivery. 


The EE 5 is fitted with 84 modern lithium-ion cells, in a robust die-cast aluminum casing mounted just above the motor. The stored energy is 907 Wh, enough for more than two hours  of riding for a beginner and 25 minutes for the fastest riders, depending on the terrain and conditions. The integrated battery management system (BMS) ensures the safety and longevity of the battery pack. 

Multifunctional instrument panel 

A multi-functional instrument panel located between the steering head and seat allows the user to select six different ride modes, with different power characteristics available to suit pure beginners and experienced racers alike. In addition, the instrument panel displays the remaining charge of the battery.


The external worldwide charger supplying up to 900 W can be connected to any 110 or 230 Volt socket and plugs directly into the battery pack for easy charging. 

  • Charging time 45 minutes (80%) 
  • Charging time 70 minutes (100%)

Enhanced control  

The EE 5 is fitted with a roll-over sensor kill-switch that cuts off the power when needed. A lanyard attached between the rider’s wrist and the kill switch stops the motor when removed, or in the event of an unexpected fall by the rider. The ride modes can be saved with a dongle located below the seat, which prevents younger riders from changing to more powerful ride modes on their own.



The bodywork of the EE 5 is modeled on the successful full-size motocross range. This allows smaller riders to experience the same ergonomic feelings, instilling confidence and comfort in all riding conditions. Additionally, the ergonomics and comfort allow riders to  perform at their peak for extended periods of time.


The high strength chromoly steel frame is slightly adapted to house the electric drivetrain and integrates carefully calculated parameters of longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity to benefit handling and suspension functionality. It guarantees easy handling and precise cornering, along with outstanding stability. 

Front  Suspension  

Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the EE 5 is fitted  with the revolutionary WP XACT forks. Besides being very light weight, the 35mm USD air forks feature exceptional damping and comfort characteristics, allowing the rider to push their limits with complete confidence. With 8.07 inches (205mm) of wheel travel, the air unit in the left fork leg can also be adjusted easily with the use of an air pump. This allows for quick adjustment due to rider preferences, weight or track conditions. 

Rear Suspension

Linked directly to the swingarm, the WP monoshock is matched perfectly to the front forks for the very best balance and damping characteristics. Additionally, the rear shock offers 7.3 inches (185mm) of suspension travel, is fully adjustable and can be tailored to rider preferences or track conditions. 


Featuring the same level of technology offered on the full-size motocross range, the EE 5 is fitted with hydraulically operated brake calipers and waved front and rear brake discs. The system ensures advanced brake feeling and stopping performance in all conditions.


Mirroring the full-size motocross range, the EE 5 uses lightweight, black anodized, aluminum rims that provide the highest levels of strength and reliability. The standard MAXXIS tires ensure progressive grip on a variety of different terrain. 

Seat height

The EE 5 allows the seat height to be adjusted at multiple levels. The standard model comes with a seat height of 27.5 inches (698mm), which can be easily reduced in two steps to 25.7 inches (653mm). This is done by lowering the bodywork/seat and then mounting the rear shock in an alternative position, together with lowering the front forks in the triple clamps. In addition, with a Suspension Lowering Kit from the Husqvarna Motorcycles Accessories line, the suspension units can be further lowered for a minimum seat height of just 21.9 inches (556mm), which accommodates four-year-old riders, or even younger.


The tapered NEKEN handlebars are made of high-quality aluminum alloy for strength and safety. From a central diameter of 28mm to 18mm at the ends, the bars are fitted with a lock-on ODI left side grip, while a newly developed throttle assembly for the electronic drive, with a vulcanized ODI grip, is mounted on the right side. The thinner diameter of  both grips increases control and reduces fatigue for younger riders with smaller hands. A new handlebar pad offers chest protection.


Modeled on the full-size motocross bikes, the EE 5 features striking and modern graphics in white and yellow, with light blue to differentiate its electric drive. Additionally, the graphics are applied using an in-mould process to ensure the best durability and quality.

Vital MX: The info released on KTM's SX-E 5 is much more limited but the majority of what is shown above for the Husqvarna EE 5 carries over to the KTM version. 


The newly developed KTM SX-E 5 is the next step in KTM’s innovative line-up. Combining class-leading knowledge in youth motorcycling with years of development work in the e-sector, the KTM SX-E 5 is based on the incredibly popular 2-stroke KTM 50 SX with a high-end chassis powered by an electric motor. The mission was clear: to create an ultra-competitive machine that is also easy to ride, even for pure beginners.

The KTM SX-E 5 enjoys the advantage of zero emissions, low noise and minimal maintenance, which makes it ideal for youngsters looking to make the first step into the world of motorcycling and thanks to its dynamic design, it is ideal for the growing rider with its adjustable seat height.

The KTM PowerPack can provide more than two hours of riding for a beginner – or 25 minutes for the faster junior racers – and with its external worldwide charger, full power is restored in approximately one hour. Coming from the READY TO RACE company, the KTM SX-E 5 will set a new benchmark within the electric-mini cycle market in terms of performance, ride ability, safety and serial standard and will be available in North American dealerships in fall 2019.

KTM SX-E 5 Features:

  • State-of-the-art electric motor with 5 kW peak performance
  • 6 different ride modes, easy to select
  • 907 Wh lithium-ion battery
  • Quick charging
  • High-end chassis with race proven technology
  • Ergonomic bodywork & adjustable seat height
  • WP suspension – XACT air fork and a WP rear shock - for advanced performance and control 


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