First Look: 100% Fall '14 Lineup

In our annual Vital MX Audience Survey, it's fascinating to watch the popularity of brands change over time. 100% launched in January of 2012, and later that year when our readers were asked if they'd purchase goggles in the next 12 months, and selected which brand it'd be, they'd already moved into fourth spot behind Oakley, Scott, and the ever-popular "Undecided."

In 2013, they'd jumped to second, behind Oakley.

In 2014? They took over the top spot. Yep, they've come a long way in a short time. Is it the fit? Function? Graphics? Their roster of riders? Or that all of the models use a single lens and tear-off system? We'd guess it's a bit of all of those. If you want a longer look at some of what's coming for next year, you can check a photo gallery here.

In the meantime here's a quick peek.

The Racecraft is their top-of-the-line model that uses outriggers for optimum fit, triple-layer foam, and an anti-fog Lexan lens.

If you're looking for a more affordable price, while still retaining features like the triple layer foam, anti-fog Lexan lens, and an enhanced field of vision, that's the Accuri's territory.They also have the economy Strata line, and the retro-inspired Barstow goggles.

They've also been busy enhancing their glove lineup. This time around they added the cuffless Celium line; and an Airmatic and Simi line, both of which have added protection. These are in addition to the existing iTrack and Ridefit lines.

One of the new Celium gloves.

The Airmatics have more hand protection than the previous entries in the 100% lineup.

The Simi gloves have a bit of a moto retro look with a perforated leather top hand and Poron padding that ensures maximum protection. Perfect for riders who scratch their heads at the minimalist gloves preferred by a lot of riders these days.

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