Dubya World Vet MX Championship Highlights

Here's a batch of goodies from Sunday's action, which featured the 30+ Pro action, Mitch Payton as this year's recipient of the Edison Dye Lifetime achievement award, and the World Vet Cup of Nations.

Dubya World Vet MX Championship Highlights

Here are your hosts at the Dubya World Vet MX Championships, John and Kristin Anderson.

When we ran into Tony Alessi on Sunday morning, he was a couple of shade more frazzled that usual. He said that Mike had knocked on his door at 7:00 am, suggesting that they go racing. Surprise!

While Austin Forkner is on the mend from his knee surgery, Olly Stone is taking on all sorts of addtional roles, like wrenching on Superminis at the Monster Energy Cup, and for Ivan Tedesco at the Vet Worlds. We'd heard rumors of a couple additional ex-PC riders who were supposed to show up to race (Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Villopoto), but while RV was on hand to hang out and watch (and had an injury that kept him from racing, we're not sure what happened to RC.

When the gate dropped for the first 30+ Pro moto, Kris Keefer jumped out front. Actually, it was a trio of Yamahas up there, as Keefer was followed by Mike Brown, and Michael Sleeter.

Gary Sutherlin scored a pair of sixth-place moto finishes on the way to fifth overall.

It had been a while since we'd seen Jeff Loop in action, but he was flying. He ended up with a fifth and seventh in the two motos, and nabbed sixth overall.

Michael Sleeter said he'd been off the bike for a bit, but was hoping for a good start (which he got), and then to see how it played out. We're not sure what happened, but we saw him rolling back toward the pits midway through the first moto.

Ivan Tedesco has been doing some 250 Supercross testing for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team, so jumping up to the 450 was a bit of a challenge. It was cool to see Hot Sauce out there, though.

Brad Anderson was on the gas, and finished fourth in moto one.

Canadian Tim Tremblay was third in both motos.

A cool addition to this year's event was the Dubya World Vet Cup of Nations, which allowed a trio of riders from each country to compete in a team race for national pride. Here's the French Team, made up of Dave Sousa, Thierry Traccan, and Arnoud Demonmahou.

Zach Osborne's wrench, Dave Feeney, was part of Team Australia, with Dan Alamagos, and Steve Butler.

The Brazilian crew went all-out, with jerseys, graphics, and more. We were surprised at the turnout and variety of countries.

Canada was well-represented. Each team was made of a 30+, 40+, and 50+ rider. That's Tim Tremblay on the gate for the final 30+ start. They did one moto on Saturday, and the second on Sunday.

Tremblay grabbed the holeshot in the final World Cup moto, with Jeff Loop hot on his heels.

Mike Brown launching off the line in the 40+ gate.

The number 3 bike was being wheeled by Brian Wheeler of the UK, in the 50+ group.

In the end, it was USA Team 2 who grabbed the win. Jeff Loop led the way in his 30+ group, Kris Keefer took his 40+ moto win, and Craig Davis was second in the 50+. They were followed by Team Great Britain (Brad Anderson, Kurt Nicoll, and Brian Wheeler), and USA Team 1 (Shaun Hillion, Mike Brown, and Ed Foedish). We can't wait to see what year two of this event brings.

Mitch with his family, after he was awarded this year's Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement award.

Mitch was surrounded by family and friends in this shot. PCP? Those are some replicas of an early shirt that Pro Circuit did, which Jody Weisel from MXA suggested to Mitch was maybe not the best three-letter combo available. Jody had these made up for the event.

Blast shield up. Oh yeah...it's sometimes rough when you're on the second row of a multi-gate moto.

The night before the race was the start of Daylight Saving time, and some of the runs up the hills during moto two were looking directly into the late afternoon sun. This is Rémi Dufour, who came down from Canada for the race.

Yeah, as they were dueling early in the second moto, it was hard to flashback to the early 2000s, back when Mike Alessi and Ivan Tedesco were duking it out for a 250 title at the same track. It was all good this time around. Like Mike said afterward, they've grown and are different people now.

Ivan looked a lot more comfortable in moto two on the big-bore Kawasaki, and finished fourth. That gave him fourth overall.

Mike Brown turned up the heat late in the moto, and he was closing on Alessi. A mistake by Brownie near the end allowed Alessi to get away.

Make that a moto sweep for Mike Alessi.

It was all good at the finish line between the Mikes.

Here's your top three in 30+ Pro, with Mike Alessi on top, followed by Mike Brown, and Tim Tremblay.

Afterwards, it was apparent why Mike slowed a bit near the end of moto two. Besides the winner's trophy, Mike had a whole bunch of handburger at the end of the day, which was a testament to time off the bike following the Canadian Nationals, but also how rough the track was. Now the countdown is on until next year's event.

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