Dainese/AGV Team Intro 6

Dainese and AGV recently held a 2011 rider intro and product showcase at the Dainese D Store in Costa Mesa, CA. You can check out the video below, featuring Travis Pastrana and his new AGV signature helmet, as well as a bit more what happened while we were there.

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From left to right, it's Travis Pastrana, Nicky Hayden, Steve Rapp, Chris Ulrich, Ben Bostrom, and Elena Myers. Davi Millsaps (not shown) was out testing, and showed up later.

Travis Pastrana made his entrance on his Boost Mobile Suzuki.

Ta-da! Travis Pastrana unveils his new AGV Signature helmet, along with AGV's Chris Favro. You can often find Chris posting in the Vital MX Forums.

Here's a close-up of Travis' AX-8 helmet. Suggested retail is $399.99, and it'll be available in the U.S. in April.

Talk about multi-tasking, in addition to all the other things going on, AGV was working on a photo shoot in the middle of the press conference.

Following the rider intro, there was a fashion show with Dainese's full line of gear.

Nicky Hayden couldn't resist jumping in as a model, and yep, he got to ham it up.

While AGV makes some cool moto and road helmets, they also make some unique things for street riders, like these fighter-pilot inspired lids.

Dainese makes a full line of off-road protection, from elbow guards, to shin guards, and upper body goodies like full armor suits and back protectors.

More info on the helmets? Check www.agv.com.


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