Bring On The Custom Helmet Paint, Part 3 2

We've still got a whole bunch of custom helmets to scan over. Let the creativity run wild.

Bring On The Custom Helmet Paint, Part 3

You saw the galleries for Part 1 and Part 2 of this, right? If not, feel free to go revisit them now. We'll wait for you here.

Troy Lee Designs

Troy and the gang do a lot of work these days unleashing designs that end up as production helmets for the team. But you still often see custom touches like names

TLD stuff also gets turned into production helmets for other brands, like this one for Justin Barcia.

But there are still full customs.

We liked this Evel-inspired helmet that Brandon Hartranft wore at last year's Red Bull Straight Rhythm.

It's a simple one, but Cole Seely's helmet from the Red Bull Straight Rhythm was good.

Pierce Brown had a healthy glow.

Whoa, here's an old school one...maybe from one of the Washougal races, where TLD normally gives a nod to Adidas?

Let's step back even a few more years to this championship helmet for Chad Reed in '04.

Chad said this is one of his favorites.

Come to think of it, Chad has had some good customs over the years. Take this Rossi-inspired lid, for instance.

AP Designs did this one up for Reedy at San Diego this year.

This red, white, and blue tribute helmet was a good one.

Toshiki Tomita always gets a bunch of help from Colors Designs on his Japanese-themed Arai helmets. These are unique and hard to miss in the pits.






How about a little more collage style?

We dug up a few more sports helmets, and this one in particular for the reader who complained about the lack of Patriots helmets in Part 1.

The Seahawks got some love, too, from James Stewart a few years back...

...and also Mike Alessi in Seattle (along with that bike).

We spotted these a few years ago in Santa Clara.

Tagger always some cool paint. Here are a few examples...


Dylan Merriam.

Mitchell Falk.

Austin Politelli.



Martin Castelo.

One for Weston Peick in '17.

Justin Hill is a fan of flames, metalflake, and early in '18, a big ol' number one.

One for the move up to 450s.


CMS Art Worx for Alex Martin.

Troll Train.

...and for Chase Sexton.

There was also this one that paid homage to a Mike Metzger design.

Sometimes Christian Craig goes off team script with his helmets.

Back in GEICO Honda's 6D days.

Something more current for the GEICO Honda crew.

The St. Jude-themed helmets are for a good cause, and are generally auctioned off to raise money after the races. Good on ya, Kyle Chisholm.

You, too, Alex Ray.

Ryan Villopoto's Red Bull Straight Rhythm helmet.

Let's jump into a bunch of random helmets. We spotted this one at WW Ranch last summer.

Ryan Dowd. We're not sure who painted this patriotic-themed helmet, but it was pretty cool.

Guess who? Stank-Dog? Oh yeah.

AJ Catanzaro's tribute to Travis Pastrana's paint from back in the day.

And Joey Crown's crown.

Vegas always brings out some interesting helmets.

One for Mitchell Oldenburg a few years back.

Shades of Gray kills it. Here are a couple of our favorites that they did for Jimmy Albertson.

This one's classic.

We love this Airoh for Antonio Cairoli that he wore at the USGP a few years back. Pizza and pasta on one side...

...and burgers and fries on the other. Sorry, but we're going to give the advantage to Italy on this one.

Team Mexico from the MXoN in '18.

Ryan Sipes' Team Puerto Rico helmet from RedBud.

Locations? How about the CN Tower in Toronto?

...or the Space Needle in Seattle?

The Eiffel Tower?

Killian Auberson.

AJ Catanzaro's.

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