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Coming into the last race of the season at Glen Helen, the title chase in the Motocross class had already been wrapped up…three motos ago. That meant the only drama in Glen Helen was to see who would clinch the always hyper-competitive Lites division between Ryan Villopoto and Mike Alessi. Ryan came into the event with a 29-point lead, but as we saw in the battle last season between Alessi and Ivan Tedesco, almost anything can happen.

The course was similar to what we'd seen at the Prequel, with merged sections of the usual National track blended into the REM track, and a big uphill triple (or double), followed by another large step-up, and then a triple leading to a huge drop-off connecting the two. With the extra jumps and hills offered in the new section, there was plenty to see and shoot there, and that seemed to be the area favored by the spectators….it was standing-room only there.

Motocross Lites Moto One

At the drop of the gate, Mike Alessi immediately jumped out front and began building a huge lead. He was followed by Josh Grant, Andrew McFarlane, Ben Townley, and Brett Metcalfe. Villopoto had what he described as a small tip-over crash, and still came around on the first lap in eighth spot. From there he went to work and picked off a pair of riders each lap. Once he got by Josh Grant and moved into second, he began the task of reeling in Mike Alessi, who'd built a lead of 20-plus seconds.

Not content with second, Ryan caught and cleanly passed Mike, and went on to an easy win in true Championship style. Alessi held on for second, and said that he did his best, but that, "He (Ryan) was just faster than me today."

Ryan collected his number one plate from Steve Whitelock, a Breitling watch from Monster Energy, finished up his TV interviews, and headed back to the Pro Circuit pits to get ready for moto two.

1 Ryan Villopoto
2 Mike Alessi
3 Ben Townley
4 Josh Grant
5 Brett Metcalfe

Motocross Moto One

At the drop of the gate in moto one for the big-bore class, it looked like it had the makings of a classic Carmichael and Stewart duel, as the two Team USA teammates jumped out front. James had a small gap for a lap or two, but RC began to chip away at hit and went by James on the fourth lap. RC led for a pair of laps before swapping out and going down hard in a dogleg section before they headed up Yamaha Hill. Unfortunately, the crash left RC with a painful shoulder that he immediately headed to the pits to have it tended to. The reports are that nothing's broken, but he'll seek further treatment from his doctor at home.

After that, James cruised out front by himself, with Windham, Millsaps, and Preston in tow, which remained unchanged from lap five through 13.

1 James Stewart
2 Kevin Windham
3 David Millsaps
4 Travis Preston
5 Michael Byrne

Motocross Lites Moto Two

Mike Alessi holeshot this moto as well, and led three laps before Ryan Villopoto took over. Ben Townley held onto third throughout the moto, and Tommy Hahn moved up to take fourth over Brett Metcalfe and Josh Grant.

In the end, Villopoto had a 35-point lead over Alessi in the title chase, and Josh Grant passed the idle Andrew Short (who tore an ACL the previous week in Steel City), for third overall in the standings.

1 Ryan Villopoto
2 Mike Alessi
3 Ben Townley
4 Tommy Hahn
5 Brett Metcalfe

Motocross Moto Two

With James Stewart jumping to an early lead, the standings in moto two for the big-bore class were nearly a 30-minute processional, except for Kevin Windham dropping from third to eight on lap four. He was also assessed a one-position penalty in moto two for outside assistance.

1 James Stewart
2 Davi Millsaps
3 Travis Preston
4 Timmy Ferry
5 Nicholas Wey

Final Season Standings

Motocross Lites

1 Ryan Villopoto 483
2 Mike Alessi 448
3 Josh Grant 372
4 Andrew Short 359
5 Brett Metcalfe 335
6 Broc Hepler 293
7 Andrew McFarlane 281
8 Nate Ramsey 195
9 Matt Goerke 195
10 Troy Adams 191
11 Paul Carpenter 177
12 Danny Smith 161
13 Steve Boniface 153
14 Jason Lawrence 148
15 Sean Collier 148
16 Matt Walker 118
17 Martin Davalos 112
18 Kelly Smith 109
19 Kyle Chisholm 104
20 Chris Gosselaar 89
21 Tommy Hahn 82
22 Robert Kiniry 76
23 Ryan Sipes 75
24 Ben Townley 73
25 Josh Hill 61


1 Ricky Carmichael
2 Kevin Windham
3 Davi Millsaps
4 James Stewart
5 Travis Preston
6 Chad Reed
7 David Vuillemin
8 Nick Wey
9 Timmy Ferry
10 Josh Summey
11 Josh Demuth
12 Ryan Clark
13 Michael Byrne
14 Kyle Lewis
15 Mike Brown
16 Jason Thomas
17 Clark Stiles
18 Robbie Reynard
19 Daniel Sani
20 Jeff Dement
21 Antonio Balbi Jr.
22 Jeff Gibson
23 John Dowd
24 Heath Voss
25 Josh Woods


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