The 2023 Dirt Biker's Dream Gift Guide

Stoke out the dirt bike rider in your life this holiday season.

When you shop through our retail partner links, Vital MTB may earn a commission. This helps keep our site free for mountain bikers everywhere. These commissions do not influence our bike or product reviews.
When you shop through our retail partner links, Vital MX may earn a commission. This helps keep our site free. These commissions do not influence our bike or product reviews.

The holiday shopping season is here and time is ticking. Stoke out the dirt biker in your life (or yourself ūüėČ) with an epic gift. Check out this list for some top picks:

9. OGIO Dozer Gear Bags

The OGIO Dozer Gear Bag features three large compartments for efficient gear organization, including a separate PVC-lined compartment for boots and a soft-lined helmet compartment. Integrated foam construction throughout further protects your gear. A telescopic pull handle and 3-wheeled design make it easy to roll through hotels, down streets, and even across the dirt parking lot at the track. If you're looking for a well-made, large gear bag, this one is highly recommended.

10. Alpinestars Tech 7 %26 Tech 10 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 7 and Tech 10 Boots are engineered for superior performance and durability. The Alpinestars Tech 7 boots sport TPU panels, impact-deflecting honeycomb rubber inserts, and a biomechanical hinge that give it a CE-certified level of injury prevention. Meanwhile, the Tech 10 boots boast a plethora of patented protection technologies, hyper-extension and over-compression prevention, and a significant weight reduction. Both models prioritize grip, feel, comfort, and fit, making them top picks.

EKS Lucid Goggles

EKS Brand goggles have grown into an elite goggle company and the Lucid is their flagship goggle. The Lucid has an injection molded lens with a quick latch release system, a wide field of vision, and amazing foam all at a great price.

FXR Racing Pro-Fit Air Glove

FXR Racing's Pro-Fit Air Glove is perfect for riders who like a thin glove that lasts. If you don't like a lot of padding and want more 'feel' in your hands, this is the glove you need.

EVS Tug Short Sleeve Shirt

EVS's TUG is perfect for wearing under your gear and is made of moisture-wicking material that helps regulate temperature. They are also ideal for training workouts.

11. Alpinestars A-1 chest protector

The Alpinestars A-1 Chest Protector is among the lightest in its class. It features a Level 1 CE and UKCA Certified Polyhedron Hybrid Technology chest and Polyhedron Technology back protector. Ultra-ventilated for optimal airflow and contoured for an adaptive fit with adjustable shoulder padding, it provides high levels of comfort while protecting the upper body against impacts. 

12.USWE hydration packs

USWE Hydration Packs are supported by a 4-point harness that makes them 100% bounce-free in action and a popular go-to for many riders. Plenty of size options are available so you can choose one to meet your specific needs.

FasstCo Spoke Torque Wrench

The FasstCo Spoke Torque Wrench eliminates the guesswork of tightening spokes and is used by many of the factory mechanics in the pits. It's high quality and you can purchase the heads individually depending on which sizes you need.‚Äč

2. Tusk Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand

The Tusk Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand is a valuable piece of equipment for lacing, truing, and balancing motorcycle wheels. With an adjustable frame for varying wheel widths, bearings to eliminate friction, and a portable design accommodating wheel sizes up to 21", the Tusk Truing Stand makes wheel maintenance easy and efficient.

3. Rabaconda Tire Changers.jpeg?VersionId=9pl7x iBErlO

The Rabaconda Tire Changer takes the pain out of tire changes and makes quick changes a reality. It's lightweight, durably constructed, can be assembled in seconds without tools, and supports various setups including, mousse bibs, Tubliss, and regular tubes. The comfortable working height eliminates backaches or kneeling. Tire changes won't be something to dread with this in your arsenal.

Motool Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner

Checking your race sag is very important, but we all know it's a pain in the butt. You need at least one other person most of the time and they have to know how to measure properly. That is all in the past with the Motool Slacker Digital Tuner. You can do it all by yourself and the tool does all the calculations for you. 

4. OAK %26 IRON Battery Tire Inflator

The OAK & IRON Smart Tire Inflator is a convenient, compact, and versatile battery-powered air pump. It will inflate moto tires, car tires, bike tires, pool toys, and more. It's easy to use, programmable, portable, and includes several different attachments, making it versatile and an easy addition to anyone's collection.

5. Tusk Scissor Lift Stand

The Tusk Scissor Lift Stand is an excellent investment for those seeking a mobile, practical stand for maintenance tasks or storage. It features a hydraulic jack for effortlessly lifting and lowering your motorcycle to heights ranging from 13.75" to 34" while lockable wheels provide effortless mobility around your garage. Tusk's Scissor Lift Stand is widely approved and is a game-changer to the maintenance experience.

Eagle Grit Heavy Duty Wipes %26 Hand Cleaner.jpg?VersionId=wFDkiEFtnE8PD.xD2v6Iy

If you work on motorcycles, have a shop, or do anything dirty, then you will love Eagle Grips Heavy Duty Wipes. They are perfect for cleaning tools, workbenches, air boxes, or anything with heavy dirt or grease. There is also simply no better hand cleaner on the market than the Eagle Grit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner. And Eagle Grit is a moto-based company.

6. Muc-Off Motorcycle Pressure Washer Bundle

The Muc-Off Motorcycle Pressure Washer Bundle gets you a factory-fresh look while safeguarding delicate bearings, surfaces, and suspension parts. With three different lances for specific cleaning needs, a waterproof dry bag for convenient storage, and an assortment of premium cleaning products, this comprehensive package has everything to give your bike the ultimate deep clean.

7. Molecule Helmet Care Kit

Molecule's Helmet Care Kit is a bundle for all your helmet and goggle needs. The supplied solutions keep your helmet deodorized and sanitized, gloss finishes clean and polished, and goggles clear of fog and rain repellant. Your helmet will be fresh and your goggles clear, a necessity for every rider.

8. ODI V2 Emig Pro MX Lock-On Grips

The ODI V2 Emig Pro MX Lock-On Grips, developed in collaboration with Jeff Emig, is a choice for riders who want a soft compound for improved comfort and less hand fatigue. The ergonomically designed slim diameter profile with soft Pillow-Top knurls for extra comfort on hard hits conforms to hands without feeling bulky. Aluminum-reinforced ends provide durability against blowouts. These grips are simple to install and are 100% slip-free. No glue or safety wire required, making for longer grip life.

13. Gift Card

Not quite sure what to get right now, simply grab a Gift Card. Easy!


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