2019 Vital MX Awards Show - Product of the Year 4

This one goes to the Husqvarna and KTM lineup of new E-minis, the EE 5, and the SX-E 5.

Once again, we tallied up the votes from the Fans, Industry, and Vital MX staff to determine a winner in our Product of the Year category, and this one goes to...the nearly identical twins of the electric-powered KTM SX-E5 and Husqvarna EE 5 minicycles.

What makes these special? From our side, we like that they've working to overcome objections for new riders (and rider parents). While they're not inexpensive, the care and feeding of these bikes is pretty dead simple. No gas or oil to add, and almost no maintenance. There's just an electric charger to plug in when it comes time to "refuel." The nearly silent operation also means that riders can ride closer to home, and have more options without the objection of exhaust noise.

They've also made it simple to scale the bike to riders as they grow. The plastic bodywork can easily be raised and lowered, and there are different upper mounting holes for the rear shock. There's even a kit that helps lower the suspension further, really shrinking the size of the bikes.

We presented the trophy to the KTM and Husqvarna media crew staff members. From left to right, it’s KTM’s David O’Connor and Nate Abila, and Husqvarna’s Andy Jefferson and Anthony da Graca.

For those who want to go racing, electric-style, there's a new Mini-E (4-6) Jr. class that will be available to these bikes, as well as the recently-introduced Cobra electric bike. 

Do you want to hear from the KTM and Husky guys, and see the bikes in action? Check out the video below.


While internal combustion die-hards may scoff at the bikes here, we can't help but notice the recent big boost in popularity of E-MTBs. We like that the Austrian brands are looking for new ways to attract riders at an early age, and get them hooked on riding. We're proponents of a two wheels for life program. Our kudos go to KTM and Husqvarna for developing the bikes and technology to make these a reality.

So which one do you pick? The Husqvarna (above), or the KTM (below).

We recently did a First Impression on the SX-E5, which you can see here. Bikes are beginning to land in dealer's showrooms, but they're apparently in pretty limited supply. 

We like that parents can select the power setting that's appropriate for their rider.

The first Vital MX Award of the Year now shares time between the KTM and Husqvarna offices. Congrats, gang.

Check back soon for the next category in this year's Vital MX Awards, the Person of the Year.


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