Okay, here's the third crack at silly season for 2017. Like always, some of it's real, a portion is rumored, and some of it will inevitably prove itself wrong. As always, if you've got info to add, a legit team logo, or anything to help fill in the blanks, send an email to GuyB.

You'll find a whole bunch more Twitter (T) and Instagram (I) links for riders. Oh, and feel free to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Red Bull KTM

Team Manager: Roger DeCoster
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet / Brace Goggles Gear Boots
1 (5 for outdoors) Ryan Dungey (450)
T: @ryandungey
I: @ryandungey
Carlos Rivera Fox Oakley Fox Fox
25 Marvin Musquin (450)
T: @MarvinMusquin25
I: @marvinmusquin25
Frank Latham Airoh / Leatt 100% Thor Alpinestars
41 Trey Canard (450)
T: @treycanard
I: @treycanard
Jade Dungey Fly /Leatt Scott Fly Alpinestars

Team Honda HRC
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
94 (1 for outdoors) Ken Roczen (450)
T: @kenroczen94
I: @kenroczen94
Oscar Wirdeman
I: @Oswi_cbad
Fox Oakley Fox Fox
14 Cole Seely (450)
T: @coleseely
I: @coleseely
Rich Simmons Troy Lee Designs Spy Troy Lee Designs Alpinestars

Monster Energy / Yamaha / Yamalube / Chaparral / Yamaha Financial Services

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots


Cooper Webb (450)
T: @cooperwebb_2
I: @cooperwebb2
Eric Gass
Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars
22 Chad Reed (450)
T: @CRtwotwo
I: @CRtwotwo
Mike Gosselaar Fox Oakley Fox Fox

Monster Energy Kawasaki

Team Manager: Dan Fahie
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
3 Eli Tomac (450)
T: @elitomac
I: @elitomac
Brian Kranz Bell Oakley Alpinestars Alpinestars
33 Josh Grant (450)
T: @JoshGrant33
I: @joshgrant33
Travis Parry Shoei Von Zipper Fly Alpinestars

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC - KTM - WP

Team Owners/Manager: Forrest Butler
Assistant Team Manager: Michael Byrne
Crew chief:  JR Boyd
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
4 Blake Baggett (450)
T: @blakebaggett4
I: @blakebaggett4
Nate Alexander
18 Davi Millsaps (450)
T: @DaviMillsaps
I: @davimillsaps
Hughston Steadman Fly
Scott Fly
34 Benny Bloss (250 East/450 outdoors)
T: @BBloss332
I: @bbloss332
Derek Rankin Fly Scott Fly Alpinestars


T: @fchonda
I: @fchonda

Team Manager: Mike LaRocco
Operations Manager: Darren Borcherding
R&D Director: Kristian Kibby
Technical Coordinator: Josh Wisenor
Technical Director: Andrew Hopson

Team Sponsors: GEICO, Honda, AMSOIL, Alias MX, Yoshimura, 100%, Factory Connection, Pro Taper, Dunlop, Alpinestars, 6D, Hinson, D'Cor Visuals, D.I.D., Vortex Ignitions, Renegade Fuels, Matrix, HPD, TM Designworks, MotoStuff, Carbon Raptor, Mototassinari, Athena, Cycra, Mechanix Wear, Buca di Beppo, Twin Air.
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
6 Jeremy Martin (250 West)
T: @JeremyMartin6
I: @jeremymartin6
Richard Sterling
6D 100%
RJ Hampshire (250 West)
T: @Hampshire21
I: @rjhampshire
Alex Campbell
6D 100% Alias Alpinestars
48 Christian Craig (250 East)
T: @_christiancraig
I: @_christiancraig
Derek Dwyer 6D 100% Alias Alpinestars
57 Jimmy Decotis (250 East)
T: @JimmyDecotis
I: @jimmydecotis
Keith Clickstein 6D 100% Alias Alpinestars
486 Chase Sexton (250 East)
T: @ChaseSexton486
I: @chasesexton486
Ryan Osborne 6D 100% Alias Alpinestars

MotoConcepts Smartop Racing Team

Team Owner: Mike Genova
Team Manager: Tony Alessi
T: @tony800801
I: @talessi800801

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
10 Justin Brayton (450)
T: @justinbrayton
I: @justinbrayton
Brent Duffe Shoei Scott JT Racing Gaerne
11 Kyle Chisholm (250 West, 450 East)
T: @kylechisholm11
I: @kylechisholm11
  HJC / Atlas EKS JT Racing Sidi
61 Vince Friese (450)
T: @Vincefriese
I: @vincefriese
John Knake
JT Racing
800 Mike Alessi (450)
T: @malessi800
I: @malessi800
Aaron Morzek
HJC Scott JT Racing Alpinestars
812 Cameron McAdoo (250 East)   6D 100% JT Racing Alpinestars

Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna

Team Owner: Bobby Hewitt
Crew Chief: Steve Westfall
T: @Rockstar_Racing
I: @rockstar_racing
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet / Brace Goggles Gear Boots
Zach Osborne (250 East)
T: @zacho_16
I: @zacho_16
Dave Feeney
Airoh Dragon Fly
21 Jason Anderson (450)
T: @elhombre_21
I: @elhombre_21
Chris Loredo Airoh / Atlas Dragon Thor
Martin Davalos (250 West)
T: @MDavalos47
I: @mdavalos49
Pat Thrall
Airoh Dragon Fly
377 Christophe Pourcel (450)
I: @cp_377
Daniel Castloo Just 1 / Atlas Scott Fly

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki

Team Manager: Mitch Payton
Twitter: @pcraceteam
Instagram: @pcraceteam

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
17 Joey Savatgy (250 East)
I: @versacesavatgy37
Justin Shantie
I: @j_shan_
Bell Scott Fox Fox
24 Austin Forkner (250 West)
T: @AustinForkner
I: @austinforkner
Olly Stone
I: @olly_stone
Bell Scott Fox Fox
Adam Cianciarulo (250 East)
T: @AdamCianciarulo
I: @adamcianciarulo
Brandon Zimmerman Bell Scott Fox Fox
Justin Hill (250 West)
T: @justinhill36
I: @justinhill36
Shawn Bell
Scott Fox

RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki Factory Racing

Team Manager: Kyle Bentley
T: @RCHracing
T: @rchracing
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Justin Bogle (450)
T: @justinbogle19
I: @justinbogle19
Grant Hutcheson Arai 100% Answer Alpinestars
20 Broc Tickle (450)
T: @Broctickle
I: @broctickle
Travis Soules Arai EKS Vexea TCX

Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha

Team Owner: Bobby Regan
Team Manager: Brad Hoffman
Motor Technician: Jeremy Coker
Suspension Technician: Drew Hopkins
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Aaron Plessinger (250 West)
T: @plessinger157
I: @aaronplessinger_23
Billy Hartle
Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars
39 Colt Nichols (250)
T: @Coat595
I: @coltnichols69
Trevor Carmicheal Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars

Mitchell Harrison (250 East)
T: @MitchellH289
I: @mitchellh289

Josh Ellington Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars
108 Dylan Ferrandis (250 East)
T: @dylan22f
I: @dylanferrandis
Nathan Pearson Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars
122 Dan Reardon (250 West)
I: @danreardon122
Tyler Mickelson Bell 100%
Thor Alpinestars

Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Red Bull / KTM

Team Manager: Tyler Keefe
Crew Chief: Wayne Lumgair

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Alex Martin (250 East)
T: @alexmartin_26
I: @alexmartin_26
Jordan Troxell
I: @jordantroxell

28 Mitchell Oldenburg (250 West)
T: @Freckle_62
I: @freckle_42
Colter Ahrens TLD Oakley TLD Alpinestars
Shane McElrath (250 West)
T: @shanemcelrath_
I: @shanemcelrath_
Andy Dalton
TLD Oakley TLD Alpinestars
Jordan Smith (250 East)
T: @Smitty_39
I: @smitty.39
Christian Ortiz TLD Oakley TLD Alpinestars
55 Jessy Nelson
T: @jessynelson36
I: @jessynelson13
  TLD Oakley TLD Alpinestars
  Sean Cantrell (MX)          

JGRMX Suzuki

Team Owner: Coy Gibbs
Team Manager: Jeremy Albrecht
Engine Development: Dean Baker

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Weston Peick (450)
T: @westonpeick
I: @westonpeick
Glenn Hobson
37 Phil Nicoletti (250 West)
T: @filthyphil49
I: @filthyphil34
Isaiah Murph
43 Matt Bisceglia (250 East)
T: @mattbisceglia
I: @mattbisceglia
Lee McCollum Suomy Scott Vexea Sidi
51 Justin Barcia (450)
T: @justinbarcia
I: @justinbarcia
Ben Schiermeyer
T: Sheetmetal220
Arai Scott
Alpinestars Alpinestars

Storm Lake Honda/TiLube/Honda

40 Fredrik Noren (250 East)
T: @norenmx
I: @norenmx
  Suomy EKS O'Neal Sidi

Seven MX

7 James Stewart (450)
T: @js7
I: @therealjs7
  Bell Oakley Seven
Malcolm Stewart (450)
T: @Predator_34
I: @malcolmstewart
  6D 100% Seven Alpinestars

Team Traders Racing

Owner: Gary Luckett
Director of Racing: Skip Norfolk
Team Manager: Kenny Day

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Luke Renzland (250 East)
T: @LukeRenzland43
I: @lukerenzland46
Wes Hunter
Von Zipper
78 Nick Gaines (250 East)
T: @nickgaines707
I: @nickgaines73
Josh Verrill Bell
Von Zipper

Legends & Heroes

54 Gannon Audette
T: @GannonAudette
I: @gannonaudette


Owner: Steve Oslund
Team Manager: Scot Steffy
Coach: Rick Johnson

I: @bprmx
F: Barn Pros Racing
Twitter: @barnprosracing

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Chris Alldredge (250 West)
T: @chrisalldredge
I: @chrisalldredge58
Andrew Bauer Just 1 Viral Shot Gaerne
Scott Champion (250 West)
T: @ScottChampion76
I: @scott_champion
Steve Dahlstrom
Just 1
Viral Shot Gaerne

51FIFTY Energy Drink Yamaha

T: @51FIFTYenergy
I: @51FIFTYenergy

Team Manager: Craig Monty

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Tyler Bowers (250 West)
T: @tylerbowers
I: @tylerbowers
Dave Dye
Fox Scott Shift Fox
Hayden Mellross (250 West)
T: @mellross45
I: @haydenmellross
Braxton Edwards
Fox Scott Shift Fox

IBcorp Racing

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Cole Martinez
T: @colemartinezz
I: @colemartinezz
137 Martin Castelo (250 West)   Arai 100% Radikal Alpinestars

JMC Motorsports / Integrity Electrical Services / Alliance Steel Racing

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
59 Noah McConahy (250 West)
T: @nmcconahy51
I: @noahmcconahy
  Fox Fox Fox Fox
Chris Howell (250 West)
T: @chowellracing
I: @chrishowellracing
  Fly EKS Fly Gaerne

Team Bud Racing Monster Energy Kawasaki
No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
60 Tristan Charboneau (250 West)
T: @Charbzz216
I: @tristancharboneau
Hayden Cordell Suomy Scott Troy Lee Designs Alpinestars
73 Marshal Weltin (EMX2)
T: @MarshalWeltin
I: @marshalweltin73
  Troy Lee Designs Scott Troy Lee Designs Alpinestars

Triggr Racing
I: @triggrracing

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots

Paul Coates
T: @paulcoates77
I: @paulcoates65

  Shoei 100% Fly Alpinestars
81 Henry Miller
I: @h_miller81
  Arai 100% FXR Gaerne

Rocket Performance, On Track School, Canvas MX

66 Michael Leib (250 West)
T: @MichaelLeib170
I: @michaelleib85


Bell EKS Canvas MX Gaerne

FMF/Merge Racing/Suzuki

Coach: Robbie Reynard

Suzuki, Merge Racing Technologies, FMF, Seven, HRT, Rekluse, Dubya, 180 Decals, Acerbis, Pro Taper, X-Trig, Excel, Dunlop, Galfer, Guts Racing, Works Connection, Bell Helmets, Alpinestars, Oakley, 2XU, Bolt, Reynard Training Facility, Compound 77, Renn Fuels

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
67 Jimmy Albertson (450)
T: @JimmyAlbertson
I: @jimmyalbertson
Georgia Albertson Bell Oakley Seven Alpinestars


Dakota Alix
T: @dakotaalix
I: @dakotaalix

  Fox Fox Fox Fox

Slaton Racing/JMR Racing Team
Justin Starling
T: @JStarling62
I: @justinstarling
  Shoei 100% Alias Sidi

CycleTrader.com/Rock River Yamaha
T: @RockRiverYamaha
I: @cycletraderRockRiver

Team Manager: Christina Denney

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
74 Bradley Taft (250 West)
T: @Taft961
I: @taft961
Jordan Sitz EVS Scott Fly Alpinestars
85 Tommy Hahn (450)
T: @Thahn32
I: @thahn85
Kyle Defoe EVS Fox Fox Fox
183 Lorenzo Locurcio (250 East)
T: @LorenzoLocurc83
I: @lorenzo_locurcio
Cory Huberty EVS Oakley Thor Alpinestars

The Viewing/Fasthouse

No. Rider Mechanic Helmet Goggles Gear Boots
Darryn Durham (250)
T: @darryndurham
I: @darryndurham
  Bell Fasthouse/Von Zipper Fasthouse Gaerne

K1 Speed/SSI Decals/ BWR Engines/Race Tech

80 Cade Clason (450)
T: @cadeclason52
I: @cadeclason
154 Brandon Scharer (250 West)
T: @BrandonScharer
I: @brandonscharer154
  Arai   FXR  
291 Kyle White (450)
I: @kwhite291
  Arai   FXR  

Rockwell/Nuclear Blast

86 Trevor Reis
I: @trevor_reis
  Just 1 100% FXR Forma
203 Zach Commans
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  • tmx860

    1/2/2017 11:27 AM

    Anthony Rodriguez riding for VENEX MX

  • socalguy

    12/31/2016 2:54 PM

    How do you post here?

  • GuyB

    12/31/2016 3:28 PM

    Instructions at the top...

  • Daniel_Gomes

    12/24/2016 1:52 PM

    What about Regal? I dont think he has a ride.... 2015 Arenacross Champ.

  • Autismmx110

    12/24/2016 12:51 PM

    Team Carey Arenacross team
    673 Jonathan Six I: jsix73
    904 Justin Kelly I: j904k
    Joey Rakowski 63 Amateur I:rakowski63
    Team manager Noah Picard
    Team owner Michael Carey
    Mechanic Adam Rakowski

  • Myke

    12/21/2016 6:15 PM

    Isn't Kenny Shift gear now?

  • GuyB

    12/21/2016 6:20 PM

    This week? Who knows? Next week? Who knows?

  • richter28

    12/21/2016 2:08 PM

    Thanks Dave...
    Woodstock KTM TZR AX team will be...
    #7 Cody VanBuskirk
    #9 Daniel Herrlein
    #367 Hunter Sayles
    #111 Erik Utech

    Thor helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, Alpinestars boots.

  • GuyB

    12/21/2016 10:33 AM

    Added Arenacross riders (hat tip to Dave Deringer).

  • GD2

    12/21/2016 1:49 PM

    If you wanna add gear to Babbitts, here you go: Helmet: Shoei, Gear: Moose, Goggles: 100%, Boots: Alpinestars.

    Also I believe Osby is wearing a Fly helmet, 100% goggles, Fly gear, and Alpinestars boots.

  • gasser

    12/21/2016 8:14 AM

    The sport is to expensive this is a huge wake up sign !

  • GuyB

    12/21/2016 11:28 AM

    When you're talking about the top end of any motorsport, yes, it's expensive. Very expensive.

  • Christian_Turner

    12/20/2016 8:52 PM

    Audette is riding for the team he started with last year before pro circuit.

  • GD2

    12/21/2016 1:46 PM

    Legends & Heroes.

  • burn1986

    12/20/2016 7:40 PM

    Man, that's s lot of good riders looking for a spot.

  • gasser

    12/22/2016 10:50 AM

    I believe if they want to grow the sport everyone has to race a stock bike this way it will level the playing field this sport has reached a point where it is pricing out too many people

  • GuyB

    12/22/2016 2:02 PM

    That's sort of like also suggesting that they shouldn't train. It's the top end of what they do. It's not for everyone. If stock bikes were mandatory, I'd expect we'd see weekly protests, and a large number of bikes torn down after at the AMA tent every race. I'm not sure I see the advantage to this plan.

  • gasser

    12/22/2016 2:19 PM

    It has nothing to do with training everyone trains now days if you want to be the best you need to train my point is this everyone goes to the gate with equal engine no advantages let's see who the best actually is who is in the best shape not who has the most money backing them because we all know there's not enough money going around in this sport to back nearly enough riders that's my point

  • gasser

    12/22/2016 2:26 PM

    Guy I'm simply looking at the sport from a business point of view I love the sport but it is not growing I think this idea would work sure it would shake things up but trust me the consumer would come out ahead with fantastic racing

  • GuyB

    12/22/2016 2:39 PM

    I get where you're coming from, but I think we're talking about two different things. Growing the sport (amateur side?) That sounds great. I'm not sure how we grow the SX side, other than maybe more spectators in the stands. There are plenty enough quality guys to make the night show. I'm not making it cheaper (or putting guys on stock bikes) would change the results much.

  • GuyB

    12/20/2016 8:30 PM

    In many cases they're on a smaller team, we just don't have all the info.

  • redrider_714

    12/20/2016 5:43 PM

    I think I saw on Noréns' Instagram that he is wearing O'Neal gear.

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