2017 Dubya World Vet Championships 5

This annual shinding proves you're never too old to rock and roll.

Per our usual habit, we caught day two of the 2017 Dubya Vet World Championships at Glen Helen, where the focus is on the 30+ Pro, and 50+ Pro classes. Saturday's premier event, the 40+ Pro, was won by the ever-speedy Mike Brown.

The weather on Sunday matched a bit of the mood that was found at the race, as the longtime driving force behind this event, Tom White, had passed away the Thursday prior. But...there was a huge contingent of riders from around the globe who were ready to race, there some titles to hand out, a legendary rider to honor (Malcolm Smith), and the show went on...

The first moto of the 30+ Pro went off in uncharacteristic conditions for Glen Helen. Rain had turned the facility into a bit of a sloppy mess. But when the gate dropped, it was Brett Metcalfe (on the outside of the gate), along with Mike Brown, who led the way.

Brett Metcalfe was on a Honda with some help from Smartop MotoConcepts Racing, and he had the first moto pretty much under control.

Michael Sleeter was the defending champion, but we're going to guess he wasn't the biggest fan of the conditions.

It seems like Mike Brown will ride anything, anytime, any place, and he scored a second-place finish in the sloppy conditions.

Brett Metcalfe got a big rinse for his eyes after the first moto. Like many of the competitors, he had to toss his goggles partway through the moto.

What do you do when your rider's bike is on the gate already, but you're in the next race, and you don't want to back out of the way? Duck.

The muddy conditions took their toll on riders and bikes. The rear wheel was pretty much locked up on this one.

Kurty Nicoll and Doug Dubach had put on a show in the 50+ Pro class a couple years ago, and they were ready to renew their rivalry.

Doug grabbed the holeshot in the first 50+ moto, accompanied by Ron Lechien to his inside.

Doug was the only clean rider heading into the second turn. A pair of Michigan riders, John Grewe (70/Kawasaki) and Keith Bowen, were battling for second.

Ah yeah, that style is still recognizable. Ron Lechien was fourth in moto one.

The trip down the muddy downhills was an adventure for everyone. Kevin Foley got a little loose here, but hung onto it. After some muddy motos early in the morning proved to be too much for a few of the classes, the uphill and downhill on Mt. St. Helens was removed.

Kurt Nicoll quickly rebounded after a bad start, and moved into second.

6D designer, Robert Reisinger, was tenth in moto one.

Keith Bowen settled into third behind Dubach and Nicoll.

After the pro moto, the Cat came out and did some cleanup in the second turn. The stuff being pushed off looked like a lava flow.

As usual, there was a break at midday to honor the newest inductee to Glen Helen's Walk of Fame. Normally Tom White handled the MC duties, along with Hal Sanguinetti. Hal did the solo this year.

Malcolm Smith was the honoree this year, and it was cool to see him on hand to accept the award. He cracked up the crowd when he commented that it was good to see so many vet riders there, "...And some of you are hauling ass."

Lori from Glen Helen presented Tom White's daughter, Kristin, with a plaque honoring Tom. Glen Helen Raceway will be open on Saturday, November 11, from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Glen Helen staff and the White family will honor Tom’s life in a trackside ceremony at 11:00am. The White family invites all friends and motocross enthusiasts to attend Tom’s memorial ride day. All entry fees will be waived in Tom’s honor, but the White family will accept donations to the Early Years of Motocross, which will be distributed among several of Tom’s favorite charitable organizations.

Late in the day it became apparent that there was some premium traction available on the start straight...just off to the side of the groomed straight. Mike Brown, Jason Potter and Tonni Anderson all took advantage of it at the start of 30+ Pro moto two.

Mike Brown led for a lap in moto two of the 30+ Pro...until Brett Metcalfe got by.

Dane Tonni Andersen (4) was fourth overall in 30+ Pro with a 3-5 day. Here he's ahead of Arik Swan and Michael Sleeter.

Jason Potter was giving Brownie fits late in the moto, and had lots of people wondering, "Who's that guy in third?" Besides his riding skills, he was also wrenching for Kyle Chisholm last year on the pro scene.

That's a solid podium. Brett Metcalfe's 1-1 gave him the overall, Mike Brown's 2-2 was obviously good for second, and Jason Potter's 5-3 landed him in third spot.

As they lined up for the second moto start, it was obvious that John Grewe, Doug Dubach, and Kurt Nicoll all wanted to try and move to the far inside in an effort to get to the dry patch of ground on the inside of the track. They tangled as they crossed over this berm, and almost went down. Only Grewe made it there. Pete Murray (far right), had the lead for a moment, but that changed in the first turn.

Doug made a sweet move in the first turn to get by the pack and move into the lead.

The best battle of the day in 50+ was between Kurt Nicoll and John Grewe. John was throwing everything he could at Kurt in an effort to get by and move onto the podium, to no avail.

Ron Lechien's 4-5 moto scores were good for fifth overall.

Keith Bowen nabbed a third overall in 50+ Pro with a 3-4 day.

Chalk up another title for Doug Dubach, this time in the 50+ class. He said, "It’s funny, I think that came about two years ago. Kurt’s first year in the 50 class, he and I were literally, and I was told by many people, we were the show of the weekend. We traded the lead and we put our total life and soul on the line and you could see it and all of a sudden one of these people said, ‘We should pay these guys some money. It might even get better.’ Though I don’t know how it could have. That was one of the best races I’ve ridden in recent memory. So the first year they do it, and I don’t even show up. I was laying on the couch. That was good. Lechien was out there, John Grewe was out there, many time Loretta champ. It’s a bunch of 50-year-olds, but it’s not a bunch of 50-year-olds. I’d invite half of those 30-year-olds to roll up to the gate with us and see how they fare."

After the race, Doug was pointing out the photo of Tom White on the trophy and told us, "It’s tough. It’s really tough. We were driving out of here Thursday and Alan Olson shows me the text and that was a heavy moment. Just like yesterday, I’ve become so accustomed to Tom greeting me off the track, win or lose. Because I’ve had lots of wins and I’ve had some not wins but that guy, he has helped me so much throughout my whole life. He was the first guy to support Dubach Racing as a distributor. He guided me through business, he was always there. He is a true man’s man. You don’t have enough space on that recorder for me to say good things about Tom White."


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