12 Days of MXmas: Winners! 18

Since it's Christmas Eve, what do you say we pop open the list of winner for the 2018 Vital MX 12 Days of MXmas?

12 Days of MXmas: Winners!

Congrats to the lucky winners! We've fired out emails to everyone, and some of you have already replied with the pertinent details so that we can get your prizes fired out ASAP.

Thanks again to all the companies who helped out!

Day 1 - Motorex
Prizes: Motorex Racing Paddock Mat, and Motorex Folding Bike Stand.
Winner: cjmx

Day 2 - ProTaper
Prizes: ProTaper MX Race Spec (RS) Rear Sprocket, ProTaper MX Race Spec (RS) front sprockets, ProTaper Pro Series Forged Racing Chain, ProTaper EVO Handlebar, ProTaper 2.0 Race Series Bar Pad, and ProTaper Clamp-On Grip System.
Winner: Bromanyak256

Day 3 - Thor
Prize: Thor Transit Wheelie Bag.
Winner: 711stretch

Day 4 - Stacyc
Prize: Choice of 12” or 16” Stacyc e-bike.
Winner: Buechlerj

Day 5 - Works Connection
Prize: Works Connection Elite Throttle Tube.
Winner: Mx4life320

Day 6 - Answer
Prize: Answer AR-5 Helmet
Winner: bberg

Day 7 - Leatt
Prizes: Leatt 4.5 Orange X-Flow Jersey and Pant, 1.5 GripR Glove, and GPX 3.5 helmet.
Winner: MxProdigy17

Day 8 - Scott
Prizes: Scott Prospect Goggle, Scott Prospect Works Film System goggle, Scott Prospect Light Sensitive Lens, and Scott Goggle Case.
Team Sakai Racing

Day 9 - ODI
Prizes: ODI CFT Podium MX Handlebar, and ODI V2 Lock-On MX Half-Waffle Grip.
Winner: FI2T

Day 10 - Boyesen
Prize: Rad Valve (two-stroke), or Supercooler (four-stroke).

Day 11 - DT-1

Prizes: DT-1 Air Filter, DT1 Aluminum Filter Cage, and DT1 Wash Cover.
Winner: Kawirider819

Day 12 - Mika Metals
Prizes: Mika RAW Series handlebars, Mika Bar Clamps, and Mika Dual Density 50/50 Waffle Grips.
Winner: buggz

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