12 Days of MXmas: The Winners! 14

Did you make the list? Were you naughty or nice?

Well, with the holidays in the rear-view mirror, we 'spose you're curious who scored the gifts in our annual 12 Days giveaway. Check the roster below to find out if you were on the naughty or nice list. Congrats to all the winners (who have already been notified), and thanks to all the companies who participated. You guys rock.

Day 1 - Bel-Ray 

Winner: de883zx

Prize: Case Thumper Racing Synthetic Blend Engine Oil (12 bottles/$8.99 ea.)
Case of Bel-Ray Foam Filter Oil Spray  (12 cans/$9.99 ea.)

Day 2 - Scar Racing

Winner: camp332
Prize: Scar Gripper Titanium pegs ($299)


Day 3 - Risk Racing

Winner: TeamGreen
Prize: Risk Racing's Lock-N-Load Pro ($279.99)


Day 4 - Troy Lee Designs 

Winner: Bobby Skeet
Prize: Troy Lee Designs SE Composite Helmet ($475)


Day 5 - Motion Pro

Winner: 454supersport
Prize: Motion Pro TiProLight Titanium Four-Piece Wrench Set ($152.99)


Day 6 - ProTaper 

Winner: mooch

Prize: ProTaper MX Race Spec (RS) Rear Sprocket ($69.99)
ProTaper MX Race Spec (RS) front sprockets ($25.99)
ProTaper Pro Series Forged Racing Chain (slim O-Ring version, $129.99)
ProTaper EVO Handlebar ($89.99)
ProTaper 2.0 Race Series Bar Pad ($19.99)
ProTaper Clamp-On Grip System ($27.99)

ProTaper products can be purchased from your local Tucker Powersports dealer or online retailer.

Day 7 - Ride Engineering 

Winner: FI2T
Prize: Ride Engineering Performance Link ($219.95) for the Suzuki RM-Z  250 (2019 & later) and the RM-Z 450 (2018 and later) 


Day 8 - VP

Winner: J-Mill
Prize: VP Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant ($21.95)
VP Octanium ($21.95)
VP 622 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid ($26.95)
VP Powersports Silicone Detailer ($9.99)
VP Powersports Chain Lube ($9.99)
VP Powersports Foam and Fiber Filter Cleaner ($9.99)
VP Battery Charger and Maintainer ($99)


Day 9 - Thor MX

Winner: reesecox.254
Prize: Thor Reflex Polar Carbon Helmet ($495.00)
Thor Sniper Pro goggles ($79.95)
Thor helmet bag ($39.95)
Thor Pulse Tropix Kit jersey ($39.95), and pant ($114.95)
Thor Agile Plus gloves ($27.95)
Thor Radial boots ($249.95)


Day 10 - Crossbox 

Winner: snackfedbear
Prize: Crossbox CBX20 and one year subscription (€319 = $394)


Day 11 - Yoshimura 

Winner: the Pirate
Prize: Yoshimura RS-12 Stainless Full Exhaust 2021 Honda CRF450R/RX. ($899.00)


Day 12 - Galfer 

Winner: Trav138
Prize: Galfer Stainless Steel Off-Road Front Single Brake Line ($59)
Galfer Solid Mount 280mm Oversized Tsunami Wave Rotor ($157)
Galfer 280mm Relocation Bracket ($98)
Galfer HH Sintered Front Brake Pads ($34.03)
Galfer Standard Solid Mount Wave Rear Rotor ($133)
Galfer HH Sintered Rear Brake Pads ($34.03)
Galfer Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line ($47)



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