12 Days of MXMas: Pro-Carbon Racing 286

Carbon Fiber for Christmas? Of course!

Who’s ready for another round of the Vital MX 12 Days of MXMas? For those of you unfamiliar with how it works, here’s the primer.

For each of the 12 Days, we’ve got a cool product from one of our awesome elves...er, Vital MX sponsors. Each of these make for a cool gift idea for someone on your holiday shopping list. But as a bonus, we’re also giving each of these away to our Vital MX members.

How do you enter? Simply leave a comment at the bottom of each day’s page. That’s one entry per person for day one, one entry per person for day two, etc. Yes, you have to be a Vital MX member, but it’s fast and free to sign up. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Everyone loves carbon, right? We’ve got a couple of items from Pro-Carbon Racing, who have been building GP-quality items for most popular MX and Enduro bikes since 2001.

First up are the Pro-Carbon Racing Bashplates, for the ultimate in bike protection. Built to last, they are 100% Carbon Fiber, lightweight and extremely durable. Four-Stroke models are £114.99 plus VAT (approximately $153.31), and Two-Stroke models are £83.33 plus VAT (approximately $111.10). Both include mounts where needed.

Next is the Pro-Carbon Racing Front Disc Guard, to provide stylish and rigid protection for your front brake disc. Most GP teams will tell you that this is a must-have part, since plastic and thin carbon guards just transfer the impact to the disc. These units are rigid 100% Carbon Fiber and offer maximum protection. The Pro-Carbon Racing gang say they’ve never heard of one being broken. These are available for all bikes 125 and up from £83.33 Plus VAT (approximately $111.10) including the fitting kit.

All parts available from www.pro-carbonracing.co.uk, and they ship worldwide every day. 

If you’re playing along at home, you know that you need to leave a comment below for a chance to win both of these items. Thanks, Pro-Carbon!


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