While it (thankfully) may not rank up there with a holiday sweater on the gift scale, nothing shows you care like wrapping up a stellar piece of safety gear and dropping it under the tree. Shoei's VFX-W helmet ($584.99 as shown) fits that bill nicely. Besides, you know it won't get regifted next year, or take up permanent residence in the back of a seldom-used closet.

This is the new Crosshair TC-2 colorway, and there are three other color options in this graphic, and with a total of six graphic options, and multiple colorways in each, the chance of ending up with the same helmet as the next to you on the line is pretty low.

But it's not all just good looks. The VFX-W has tons of state of the art features, including the strong and light shell that uses Shoei's very complex shell design along with their propietary AIM+ technology to substantially boost durability, while safely absorbing and distributing impact forces.

A Dual-Layer EPS Liner is used to enhance impact absorption by adjusting thickness and density in key areas, while also working with the external scoops and exhaust ports to flow air efficiently through the interior of the helmet. The EPS liner is also used along the entire interior of the chin bar.

One of our favorite features are the Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) cheek pads that allow emergency medical personnel an easy way to remove them, which is awesome if the rider is unconscious or unable to assist in taking off the helmet. (Check the video below for more details.)

For added comfort, the interior uses a 3D Max-Dry Liner System with Polyurethane foam pads that have been three-dimensionally formed for a perfect fit, while the synthetic fiber material helps shed sweat twice as fast as conventional nylon liners. Of course, the liner is also adjustable for a custom fit, as well as removable and washable.

Still now sold? How about the V-430 "Sleek" visor that uses plastic hardware for easier breakaway during a crash (which means less wrenching on your neck). Or there's the "Sleek" mouthpiece with features designed to prevent intrusion, and a removable foam filter inside. There's even a five-year warranty. That's a solid feature list...and with plenty of race-bred history to back it up.

For even more details, you can check here: www.shoei-helmets.com.

Now for everyone's favorite part...a chance to win this goodie for yourself. Leave a comment below, and let's see how creative you can be. Sure, you have to be a member, but it's fast, easy, and the price (free) is right. You can also join in on the forum, post comments on photos and videos, upload your own photos galleries or videos, and more. Just click here to become a member of Vital MX.

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