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What makes you think he needs to sell them, maybe he wants to sell them. What is the point of hanging onto 39 sets of graphics for a 10 year old bike?

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to add to this, it would help to list the information that's displayed on the right, into the ad itself, example : "Clean title 2005 thor four winds diesel toy hauler super C with 95,771 miles for sale for $50,000." Then get into the details. Do you ... more »

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Been awhile since I listened to the show, but from what I remember Coops family wanted to run a National at their track. Talked with the AMA to see what was needed to get it done. Made all the updates required and then went to the Coombs. Coombs were ... more »

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do you really want to be driving hours away on a vehicle with 380,000 miles on it?

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I’m wondering how they are going to handle that. Will they just use track maps to do what the season was supposed to be, or will we get the Utah races

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I thought the only stipulation for an alcoholic beverage to sponsor a team, was that everyone riding for them must be of drinking age. Outside of that, I dont think there is anything stopping them from being a part of a team.

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Is it just me or has Robin had more drama in his career than any other rider?

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Others have stated if he threw a rock too soon (near the babies) it would not have ended well either. Throwing rocks around the babies would have been a threat to them, so she might not have just turned around.

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As a bald guy I can confidently say our heads sweat quite a bit more than the average person (no hair to soak it up)

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a ran a 1:01 at my local track a couple weeks ago, which is as relevant as this topic

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Didnt one of the podcasts state this was basically smoke and mirrors. It was essentially one Jack in the Box location, and they made it seem like a bigger deal than it actually was?

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As much as I would like to do both series, milestone non-replica tracks are usually not impressive.

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LOL, I called them about those bikes in July, and they told me they had sold them in June. I have a feeling that those prices were pure click-bait.

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Looks like the same place as this

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you know damn well suzuki is always behind, and they wont catch on to the trend in time 2022 Suzuki spy photo

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werent they already on the east coast? I would think it would make more sense to stay in TN for a week then it would to drive home between races. If you are talking about privateers that skipped the first round and were only planning on running washougal, ... more »

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is a foot of hard packed dirt going to be that much better than concrete?

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hard pass, you are an animal.

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the whole do something you love and you will never work a day in your life is fantasy. Every job is still work/effort/stressful no matter how much you like the idea of it. Is your best day at work equal to a day with your family/traveling/moto/whatever ... more »

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Or the 10,000 times Bradshaw stepped off