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looks like you're done spelling too

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throw some monster claws on the number plate and were good to go
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this article is one of the greats

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Heads up on this. If youre looking for your own comps, review the comps they used. Dont waste time sending them vehicles out of their search radius or different configurations than they are currently using

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Did something happen during best trick? Watching on YouTube and it just stopped playing. Only event that I don’t see a full replay of either

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Is this not how everyone loads up their bike?!?!?!

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Only video I remember with dinosaurs will die was from the “On The Pipe” series. Dustin Miller does one of the biggest combos I’ve ever seen (bunch of seat grab tricks)

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The Gang Finds Frank

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from what I've seen - not being a huge ball and stick follower, the close-up shots are replays. other sports have breaks every 5 seconds, moto has no breaks, can you imagine the uproar if they went away from a battle to show a slow-mo of a dude railing ... more »

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the tomac shot needs to be an ad for roll offs. everything on him/his bike is just filthy with perfect vision

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If we are going to complain about buyers, it's only fair that we complain about sellers. STOP SAYING BRAND NEW ON YOUR USED BIKES I swear every ad says "literally brand new only have xx hours on it!" If I were to sell a "new" condom, and the ad stated, ... more »

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As usual, Ping has to show his political ass. Just can't leave it alone can you? Follow a fellow member Boomslang on his journey with Covid. Healthy young guy, his whole family got Covid, he was on a ventilator. I've noticed all the Covid naysayers on Vital are absent. Crickets. Good, this shit is real, you are a so called...more

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worst pain ive ever felt in my life had to leave work because I knew something wasn't right, didn't think I could make it home. Had to take my clothes off while driving because I sweating so much and couldn't cool down. Mine was too large to break up ... more »

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lot of early 90s trucks are 5 digit odometers

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IMG 3377[1]

awesome set up!

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heard they were bringing in varner to get orders out quicker

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haha touche

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If they typically race, then I agree, it's a bad comparison If they do not typically race, then regardless of if they were brought in or came in, it still stands. Potential money was taken away by outsiders.

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Same situation as a few other posters, all males are bald(ing) on both of my parents side. My hair was noticeably thin in my early in 20s. By mid 20's I started shaving my head, and before my 30's I thought f it, and started to straight razor it. 10/10 ... more »