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for sure Rudy! I'll put something together when everything cools off...

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they aint' playing like the champs... Tampa seems to be taking care of that for the east. Manram's fumble and hide the ball from yourself while rolling around on the grass like a douche was my personal highlight of the series. Hell, Vladdy gave this ... more »

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post dup

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back to back hr's vlad and hunter

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I think you should be a little more concerned with the rays and yankees before you start popping off about October.

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Hopefully the A team closes out the series with another win--sweeping the bosox. I love watching all the loud mouth Boston fans silently slip out of the big-A. Silence speaks volumes.

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my girlfriends dad works for LADWP, he's a senior operator. Close to 100k.

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02 Silverado 2500 6.0L 03 Trailblazer Inline 4.6L 6 07 Rover Sport -3300 miles in 13 months 79 VW Superbeetle other misc crap-

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it won't dissapoint.

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Texas played the Angels tight last week. I went to OAK this past weekend, it was amazing to see Santana dominate like that. As an Angels fan I'm much more concerned with Texas rather than Oakland.

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I dunno, it's called the wild west for a reason. Plenty of games with oak and Texas before the angels can call it a win.

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Hamilton is the real deal, a visiting player getting cheered in that s-hole of a stadium is a feat in itself.

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I've done it hundreds of times.

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I'm eating @pf changs in oak. The line at the apple store wrapps around the entire shopping center. I'm still tempted to try and get one today.

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state specific memory?

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st. Lucia is a dump.

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jeremy mcgrath invitational?

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I don't know why some team marketing people haven't slapped these riders in the face. It's a loose-loose battle, you can't wage war on the internet. Sure there's plenty of BS on here, but suck it up. That's why they pay these riders to represent the ... more »