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I will definately look for you guys. I need to go race there one of these days so I can ride that track.

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I'm going to head down one day just to watch.

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There were rocks all over the place the last two times I was there! I need to go check out the changes. Did you know you have to have an AMA license to practice the SX track though? My friend got kicked off!!!

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ooops, never mind. Post edited by: yzforce, at: 2006/10/31 22:47

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Hey, I'm sorry to not get back sooner... hetic stuff going on. I have someone here who wants the bike. Thanks... good luck to ya.

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New thread For Sale YZ 125 2002 10/12/2006 5:26 PM

I'm finally getting a four stroke. Trying to sell my 02 YZ 125.

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thanks. I'll be at Pax tomorrow....