Started new thread Very interesting demo on triple clamps. 11/9/2020 11:12 AM

Interesting demo for the xtrig. All the talk about coatings and friction being needed but we have this amount of stiction in the front end from clamps. Even worse when someone doesn't use a torque wrench. Wonder how the ride enginering, luxon, pc ECT ... more »

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Went to club a couple times for a couple weeks. Not just even the training but the fact of getting to ride those tracks everyday as much as you want will get any rider in shape and riding better .

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Buy it. It seems like your smart enough to know it's possible it's going to cost a decent coin to get it to where you want it. I did the same thing 03 kx125 in worse shape for 1500.00 But i wanted it and wanted to do a build. Lucky forks kit, kit shock ... more »

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Spi Dave j does good work but i think you will like the lucky set up better. I really liked spi with kyb suspension but could never get the small chatter and mid size breaking bumps tuned out with the showa's he did. Just my opinion.

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Know a few people that don't like the grip and slip feel of the 53's. Hoosiers are my go to the last 2 years. Pirellis also offer a much better front then the Dunlop mx53.

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If it makes the sale for you i might be able to get you 50-100 off of it.

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Give them a call. Talk to jeremy, great guy to talk to, tons of knowledge. It's like talking to Ross over at enzo. I have a lucky kit on my 03 kx125 after dialing in the sag and clickers it felt like riding on a ktm125 i rode with cone valves on it. ... more »

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I have a set of pro taper husky bend used for a couple laps. Tried them on a yz250f. Didn't like them. Let me know if your interested.

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Anyone have a gp360 thinking of picking one up. Anygood?

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With mx promoters previously doing this as recent a cbd sponsor and discount tire would it surprise anyone. Until someone builds a competing SX and MX that gives teams and riders more rights we as a sport will always be a sideshow paid sideshow money. ... more »

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Super happy to see him make it. Think about it they all said he was done. He was cast out to the go and came back and accomplished all of this. Shows how we give up on riders way to fast in this sport.

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Take 30 for the frame grips?

Added reply in a thread Considering Selling Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 from 2016 YZ250F --- Any Interest? 10/9/2020 8:19 PM

What are you looking to get for it. I might be interested.

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That's a huge issue that guys have when they build up a mini or a supermini. They don't always get the suspension stiff enough to stop the excessive front to back pitch from our added size and weight. Most the crashes I've seen with adult big bike riders ... more »

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I drive 2 hrs regularly to ride there. One of my favorite tracks in the country. When they disk it deep it gets extremely rough. Some times all the jumps are a little bit bigger harder, sometimes the chop them down a touch. All ways a good day of riding. ... more »

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Naveen is a great company and guy. I can vouch that it's a honest business that does good work. I get the picture of a card is shady sounding or shitty. But I don't think i would worry about it. Not to much different then giving him your info over the ... more »

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08 will fit i have a stock header and pipe if you want em.

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Shoot me your info I might need a spacer for some forks as well.

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If you have one for the 18 250f I'd be interested

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Seen it happen on every brand. Oem and aftermarket. Not common but it happens. Had one guy on a 18 ktm450 get a rock stuck and do the same thing also his350 got a rock stuck in his linkage and stopped his suspension. These are anomalies not in the norm. ... more »